There are so many things a bride has to do when she’s planning a wedding: Pick the date, pick the venue, choose a caterer, get a gown, book your photographer, DJ, the list goes on and on.

But one of the most underrated hard parts of booking all your wedding-related things is finding a good hair and make-up artist to get you ready for your big day. Booking this person is just as important as finding your dress—it’s something you wear, after all.

For those who want to look their absolute best on their big day, makeup is especially important. You want to look like you’ve never looked before, and have your to-be spouse see you in a whole new light. Plus, you want to be able to look back on the photos knowing that you felt the most glamorous you ever have.

One stunning makeup artist is Arber Bytyqi, based in Prizren, Kosovo, has the talent to do just that. There’s a reason he has more than 270,000 followers in Instagram—it’s because his work is absolutely stunning. He truly transforms his brides into the most breath-taking version of themselves that they didn’t even know could exist.

Thanks to Bytyqi, these ladies looked the most stunning they’ve ever looked on their wedding day, and the before and after photos prove that. They were pretty before, but man! His style of makeup really accentuates their features in a way that we couldn’t even imagine before seeing the “after” photo. He truly has a talent for enhancing women’s beauty.

Without further ado, check out the drastic difference of these women’s natural looks to how they looked on their wedding day.

  1. Princess status

    She could not be glowing more.

  2. Glitz and glam

    Truly a bridal beauty.

  3. Beyond beautiful

    Her husband is one lucky man.

  4. Facial features gone wild

    What a stunning transformation.

  5. Lips for days


    And cheekbones to die for.

  6. Radiating beauty

    This woman is literally glowing off the screen.

  7. Sensationally perfect

    Could these hues be any more suiting?

  8. Simply stunning

    She couldn’t be any prettier.

  9. Wonderfully elegant

    If she doesn’t take your breath away, what will?

  10. Truly exquisite

    We’re not sure this is the same person.

  11. Dazzling

    Eyes (and everything else) to die for.

What do you think of these stunning transformations? Are you a fan of heavy makeup or a more natural look? Which one is your favorite?