We’ve covered plenty of unusual, opulent, and just, plain inspiring brides over the years, from the bride who requested that her bridesmaids wear their wedding dresses for her ceremony to the daredevil brides who set their wedding dresses on fire (while still wearing them) to even the most famous bride in recent memory, Duchess Meghan of Sussex.

Although we absolutely love the creativity and prestige associated with the aforementioned beauties, we are equally as impressed with the one we are profiling today.

Her name is Dalton Mort and just weeks ago she married her high school sweetheart, Jimmy Joe. The couple has a gorgeous 2-year-old daughter named Ellora and, as with many couples who walk down the aisle after the birth of a child, they wanted her to be part of the ceremony.

But, Dalton thought that little Ellora, or “Ellie” as she is better known, deserved to be right up at the altar with her mom, so she came up with a nontraditional decision–she would carry her daughter on her BACK during the ceremony. And, lucky for us, Laura Schaefer with Fire & Gold Photography captured some amazing shots of it.


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In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Dalton revealed why she decided to make such a bold bridal fashion statement. “I knew from the start that I wanted her to be involved because we’re a family, and to me, getting married was about a commitment to our family and not just us,” the mother and newlywed said, before adding, “I knew it was going to be a crazy day for her with tons of stuff to do and she’s still pretty attached to me so I wanted her to be close.”

Awww! It doesn’t get much sweeter than that, folks! The mother-daughter bond is strong between these two!

Now, when we first heard about Dalton’s decision to “wear” her daughter as she walked down the aisle, we thought the plan was both half-brilliant and half-crazy; after all, most 2-year-olds we know are quite squirmy and fiery (and that’s putting it nicely!). But, normal tot behavior aside, it seems that Ellie showed great maturity. According to Dalton, she ended up falling asleep during parts of the ceremony–and even nursed while the couple said their vows!

What a beautiful display of love! We hope that more couples follow the Mort’s lead by incorporating their kiddos into their ceremonies in creative ways.

What’s your take on this baby-wearing bride? Is it something that you would do if given the chance? Did you give your children a role in your wedding ceremony?