Bride Invited Guests To Wear Their Old Wedding Dresses To Her Wedding

Wedding stories have become entertaining for their endearing moments, expensive and formal arrangements, or mean-spirited bridezillas, but every so often we get to enjoy one where it’s all about the couple’s love story and their untraditional nuptials.

When Audrey Moore and Jesse Lumen got married this past December, they wanted to celebrate their love for each other and their creative spirits. One of the ways they did that was by requesting that guests wear a wedding dress or costume.

Although initially their request was met with nervousness and some confusion, the women were excited to re-wear their old gowns or to borrow one from someone they knew. If they didn’t have a wedding dress, they were encouraged to don any dress that had only been worn once, or black or white attire.

Moore said that she wanted these ladies to have an opportunity to dress up in their gowns again and had no problem sharing the spotlight:

“I had gone to all of their weddings and remembered how beautiful they looked and how sad they all were that it was going to sit in a box.”

Moore wore an ice blue gown for the ceremony and for the reception, attached a cape that lit up. She shared that everyone looked like princesses. The fun didn’t extend just to the women. Lumen and his wedding party all rocked tuxedo hoodies during the reception and he changed into an alien-with-captive costume for the reception.

Flower girls included the bride and groom’s mothers, and Moore’s grandfather acted as a ringbearer. Arcade games and a sweets bar kept guests entertained during the reception.

Lumen posted the above photo on Reddit with the following caption:

We thought it was sad that most women only get to wear their wedding dress once, so we invited all the women coming to our non-traditional wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again! from pics

The post quickly went viral within a couple of days and many commenters loved their unique wedding idea. Some described it as fun and relaxed with less focus on money, pomp, and circumstance.

What do you think of this couple’s idea? Would you have liked to attend a wedding like this? Have you been to a non-traditional wedding?


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