Breastfeeding Mom’s Photos Have Sparked Controversy Online. What Do You Think About Her Unusual Workouts?

Breastfeeding in public sure is a polarizing topic these days! While some feel the deed is a natural one that shouldn’t garner any raised eyebrows, others see it as a rebellious act of immodesty.

Then, of course, there is that other category—the mothers who take public breastfeeding to a whole new level by documenting their journeys in lactation on social media.

Recently, we told you all about two particularly controversial stories of public breastfeeding: one where a new mother was, essentially, kicked out of a restaurant for feeding her baby; and the other, where one British mom shared with the world that she would be breastfeeding until her kiddo’s tenth birthday.

Yep, those two stories elicited some pretty passionate responses from all of you, but the one we are going to share today has sparked more controversy on the Internet than those two combined!

Why one yogi’s Instagram account has started an online breastfeeding debate

Meet Carlee Benear, otherwise known by her Instagram handle, @carleebyoga. She is a 29-year-old mother of two who has managed to share her loves of yoga and breastfeeding in a social media account that aims to celebrate the female form.

You see, Benear shares gorgeous snapshots of her children breastfeeding WHILE she contorts her incredibly flexible body into advanced yoga poses. The photos range from the mother quite literally performing a handstand while her youngest, Cale, suckles at her breast, to her helping her 5-year-old son, Milam, get into some seriously impressive poses.

It’s clear that, in the Benear family, yoga—and breastfeeding while doing it! —is a way of life!

But because the mom has decided to share her lifestyle with the entire world, it likely comes as no surprise to you that some people have a whole lot to say about her unique practice.

User miss_hamilton27 pointed to the fact that Benear’s small child was too young to be a willing participant in such a public platform. She writes:

I’d be interested to know what the child thinks when they get older. Maybe it will hugely hurt them 🤔

But one of Benear’s followers, addisonparker666, defended the yogi mom with this statement:

…honestly I don’t care what she does as a parent because ITS NOT MY BUSINESS.. as it is none of hers how I raise mine.. but what I do care about is HOW SAFE AND LOVED you can tell they are.. this type of thing takes a lot of trust from both mommy and baby..

Another follower by the name of budinthetrap had a super honest reaction to seeing Benear’s breastfeeding photos.

I’m just mad I can’t do this

Yep, it’s fair to say that most of these commenters are just a wee bit jealous that they too can’t get into those yoga poses!

Now that you have the scoop on both sides of this breastfeeding debate, it’s time for you to see the stunning yogi mommy in action. Just watch the video below to form your own opinion on the controversial photos. We have to admit, we sure are impressed!

OK, folks, we just KNOW you can’t wait to share your thoughts on this story. Are you a fan of Benear’s photos? Are you a proponent of public breastfeeding? Do you think this mom has crossed the line in some way?