Breastfeeding has been a hot-button topic in the past few years. People feel uncomfortable and even offended by mother’s breastfeeding in public, even when they’re trying to mind their own business. A mother certainly can’t dictate when their baby gets hungry and a lot of moms have gotten riled up over the judgement placed on them from people who don’t understand this obligation a mother has to her child. Rather than get angry, some moms have chosen to fight back in a much more creative way; with breastfeeding photo shoots, professionally taken and gorgeously done. Prepare to have your breath taken away by these 11 beautiful photos of mothers embracing their right to breastfeed.

  1. Glamorous Mother

    Breastfeeding Head PieceJudah Avenue

    She may be a mother, but that doesn’t mean she’s not downright fabulous. This stark white backdrop and bejeweled crown make this woman and her feeding baby looking heavenly.

  2. Edgy Mother

    Breastfeeding FallImgur via Pink P

    This mother is not messing around, if you know what we mean. Set in front of a beautiful fall scene, this tattooed mom has let down one strap of her stylish overalls to feed her baby. The intense look in her eye says it all.

  3. Military Moms

    Breastfeeding Military MomsTODAY

    Military moms breastfeed, too! Breastfeeding isn’t reserved only for certain types of mothers. These military friends decided to do a fun, dual photo shoot – with one mom doing double duty!

  4. Field Mother

    Breastfeeding FieldMommyish

    This far-away shot, beautifully taken through glowing stalks of wheat, shows a blissful mother wearing a lovely flower crown and nursing her baby girl.

  5. Etherial Mother

    Breastfeeding LakeJoe For America

    What a gorgeous photo! This mother is almost knee-deep in a surreal-looking lake, with a flowing skirt billowing behind her and her child on her breast. She looks like a water nymph!

  6. Windswept Mother

    Breastfeeding In The BreezeImgur via Pink P

    This beautiful mom sits on the steps of her home, nursing her child. The wind has just picked up, blowing her hair back and making her like a downright model. Work, girl.

  7. Floor Mother

    Breastfeeding FloorImgur via Pink P

    Sitting on the floor, nursing two of her three babies, this mom shows us that breastfeeding is a real life thing; it doesn’t have to be uber-glamorous. Sometimes, it’s such a quick, natural interaction that it can happen right on the kitchen floor.

  8. Windowsill Mother

    Breastfeeding By WindowThe Elephant Journal

    The lighting in this shot is too much, it’s absolutely beautiful! This mother has an otherworldly glow to her, as she shows off her post-baby body AND how she proudly breastfeeds her child. We love how the baby is looking right at the camera – so photogenic!

  9. Bohemian Mother

    Breastfeeding Flower CrownMetro Co. UK

    All boho mothers will go nuts for this shot. Wearing a large, trendy flower crown and standing in a misty body of water, this mom looks striking while feeding her young baby.

  10. Multiple Mother

    Breastfeeding BraidImgur via Pink P

    Clearly, this is not this mom’s first rodeo. While she nurses her new baby, her older daughter lovingly braids her hair in an early-morning glow. The entire picture is a portrait of familial love.

  11. Cat Mother

    Breastfeeding With CatsImgur via Pink P

    Your actual kids aren’t your only babies! This mom is sharing this special moment with her newborn – while her cat is nursing her own kittens! How sweet.

What do you think of these gorgeous photos? Share your favorite shot in the comments section below.