Steve Harvey’s Wife Faces Backlash for Posting a Video of Grandkids ‘Breastfeeding Like Mommy’

When it comes to breastfeeding, everyone always has to have an opinion—even when it’s not even real breastfeeding.

Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie, recently caught two of her granddaughters pretending to feed their doll babies in the same way they’ve ever seen it happen—from the breasts.

In the short video clip, someone asks the little girls what they’re doing. Four-year-old Rose replies “[We’re] feeding our babies,” and her three-year-old cousin Elle follows up with, “From our boobies!”

The point of having a baby doll is to pretend you’re their mommy right? They’re just doing their due diligence as mommies. Totally innocent!

But after Marjorie posted the clip on her Instagram account, she got tackled with comments that called the action everything from inappropriate to disgusting.

“This is too far and sad…. they are babies. Let them grow up…” someone wrote. “Why feed the imagination so quickly. Next thing you know they can’t wait to have a boy sucking their nipples… then a baby. Next thing you know they are breastfeeding for real to early…oh my God People please have wisdom… this is wrong!!! And Disgusting!!!!”

“Oh Lord!!!” someone else posted. “Can children be children and just do stuff kids do. Just because mama does it does not mean that it’s OK for children to mimic. They have time later when they are old enough to appreciate breastfeeding their children. UNBELIEVABLE”

“I have nothing against breastfeeding. This is not cute at all. These are little girls. The time will come when they are of childbearing age and breast feed their own child,” another critic wrote.

Few even went so far to say how children shouldn’t grow up this fast (even though they’re just playing “make believe”!): “Disgusting!!! Children are being mentally turned into adults before they’ve reached their teens. No thank you. Let the children grow up naturally!!”

Marjorie, a mother of seven and grandmother of five, didn’t even blink at the backlash.

She came back to the haters in a classy way—with a message on her Instagram story that simply said: “Clearly some of y’all weren’t breastfed,” she said in an Instagram story. “Maybe that’s the problem. Some of y’all need a hug.”


There were still lots of people who didn’t see anything wrong with the clip.

“This is beautiful and such an amazing, teachable moment,” someone wrote. “I’m so impressed and proud of this momma and her girls. Hearing that there is any negativity toward this drives me insane. Something is wrong with people and the world today. Thank you for posting your adorable intelligent grandchildren.”

“Do people out there really think this is going to cause these girls to get pregnant at 12?! Looks to me like they have strong women as role models,” another person in favor of the act wrote.

See below for the controversial video clip!


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What do you think of Marjorie’s grandchildren pretending to breastfeed their baby dolls? Do you know any little ones who like to play “mommy” with their baby dolls? We’d love to hear your opinions on this!