It is one thing to watch the scenes in a movie unfold on screen, but another to see that happen live on stage. That was the case when Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did an impromptu performance of the song Shallow from A Star is Born.

During her Enigma show in Las Vegas this past Saturday, Lady Gaga spotted her co-star in the crowd and asked him onto the stage to sing the Oscar-nominated duet. For the audience, it was a treat to see “Jackson Maine” and “Ally” harmonizing together.

As Cooper approached the stage, fans couldn’t stop roaring. Gaga planted a kiss on his cheek and off he went, singing the first few lines of his solo part to screams. The excitement was real, moving some of the crowd sing along with Cooper as Gaga sat by his knees.

Clearly, this was a huge moment as it marked the first time the two performed the song live. Gaga is in the middle of her Vegas residency but with awards season in full swing, she and Cooper are expected to make more A Star is Born appearances.

The movie has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Original Song. Cooper starred in and directed the hit, which also happens to be his directing debut for a feature film.

Fans should be on the lookout during the Oscars for another Shallow performance if they want to see this duo make magic on stage again. For now, watch a clip of the performance below!

Are you a fan of this song? What do you think of their live rendition? Did you like A Star is Born and will you watch the Oscars?