One of the many reasons that bras don’t fit properly is because of uneven breasts. In some cases, the shapes are different, and in others, they are two totally different sizes. There are only a few things you can do to address it.

If you already belong to the club that discovered you have uneven breasts, how did you react? Unsurprisingly, many women run to the internet to see if they’re outliers. Good news! You’re not alone, as this happens with most women. Rachael Ray brought on Amy Goodman, the Senior Lifestyle Editor at, to break down breast and bra science.

Amy explains that it’s usually the left breast that is larger, due to the protective covering that sits over the heart. The model in this video has asymmetrical breasts and Amy offers two suggestions. One option is to wear a bra that has removable padding to even things out.

The other option, which is demonstrated here, is to wear a bra that comes in half sizes. Who knew that bras come in sizes similar to shoes? When the model steps out in the new bra, you can see the difference in fit. She says it’s comfortable and she feels sexy!

Amy points out that you really can’t tell which side is smaller with this bra (true) which is one of the benefits of wearing a half-cup bra. The one that this woman is rocking also comes with memory foam which helps to contour and balance each breast.

Half cup bras are indeed hard to find, but two brands that offer them are ThirdLove and Playtex. With ThirdLove’s sizing, you can order sizes such as 36A ½. With Playtex, look for sizes that are described with terms such as “Nearly C”.

Though asymmetry is relatively common in women, the cause of it could be from something other than your heart’s covering. Breastfeeding is one reason, and this may either be a temporary or permanent change. Any other changes due to hormones like puberty or menstruation can also affect the shape or size of boobs.

Cystic breasts that contain lumpy masses of tissue can also offset your bra size. Unusual changes in breast size might be a sign of breast cancer, but typically that’s not the case. Alert your doctor if you’ve noticed a sudden change in the size of one or both breasts.

You can take comfort in the fact that in most cases, the human body is not perfectly symmetrical, therefore most women’s breasts are not either. Run to the mirror to check and then run to your nearest boutique bra shop or computer app for a proper fitting. You may be surprised by the results!

Watch the video to hear Amy discuss boob asymmetry and what a specially designed bra can accomplish! Hopefully, more companies will create stylish, comfortable options for the asymmetrical gal and finding one won’t feel like one of Hercules’s labors.

Do you know if you have uneven breasts? What tricks do you use to balance out their appearance?