Two Young Boys Ask Dad to Pull Over When They See Someone Struggling With Snow Removal

Snow: you either love it or hate it. It’s beautiful, but it can also be dangerous when the roads and sidewalks are slippery. It can be a lot of work too. If you’ve ever tried to shovel a driveway or sidewalk in the winter, you know what we’re talking about.

First, you have to bundle up. Snow boots and good gloves are not optional. Then you have to scoop shovel full after shovel full of heavy snow into a huge pile. There’s nothing glamorous about it.

Now, imagine just how hard shoveling snow would be if you’re in a wheelchair. Not only are you dealing with wheels potentially on ice, but sitting is a pretty awkward position to be in when you’re trying to shovel show.

Recently, one dad shared a “proud dad moment’ on Facebook that shows why his boys should definitely be on Santa’s nice list.

Daniel Medina says, “we’re driving down s60th st near Morgan and my two sons aged 10 and 6 asked me to pull over because they just seen a guy in a wheelchair trying to shovel his corner lot and they wanted to help.”

Yes, you heard that right. A 6-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy asked their dad to stop the car so they could help a man in a wheelchair shovel snow. This really happened. We would be so proud too if our kids made such a request.

Medina stopped the car, and he snapped a quick picture that shows his boys out there with shovels. This obviously isn’t the first time they’ve shoveled snow. They certainly look like they know what they’re doing.

Medina’s post now has over 1.3K comments and 11K reactions. The comments say things like “Bless your boys & you also to have raised sons to know the difference between the caring & helping,or just ignore & go about their day.”

Another commenter writes, “All that shows is the boys have been raised to respect others. Great job raising your two young gentleman Dad!!! Thank you!! That’s two kids that won’t grow up to be someone else’s problem.”

We agree. The boys’ reaction to seeing a man in a wheelchair shoveling snow and wanting to help certainly says a lot about their parents. Dad certainly did a good job.

What would your reaction have been if you drove by and saw a man in a wheelchair shoveling snow? Do you think your children would’ve volunteered to help?