If you think that upcycling is only reserved for mason jars and vintage clothing pieces, then you are sorely mistaken! Believe it or not, some of the best repurposing hacks that we have encountered involve an item that can be found in your recycling bin.

That’s right, with a little bit of ingenuity and imagination a plastic water bottle can literally be transformed into dozens of different helpful items. And, though we’ve spent plenty of time preaching to you all about the benefits of these transparent wonders, we recently came across another batch of ingenious projects that we just had to share!

Here are a few of our new favorites…

  1. Colorful toothbrush holder

    cap toothbrush holderRoman UrsuHack

    Looking to add a touch of creative pizazz to your bathroom? If so, then don’t be caught spending hundreds on completely overhauling the look of the room. Instead, focus on making small changes, the DIY way…

    A good project to start with is this cute toothbrush holder hack. With just a cap, a precision knife, and some wall-friendly adhesive, you can spruce up your restroom and save some precious counter space.

    Simply pick a cap that is large enough to house the head of your toothbrush, then make a cut in the cap’s side so that you can slide the brush in snugly. Once finished, add the adhesive to the back of the cap and stick the new holder on your wall. Neat!

  2. Penny wire insulator

    There’s nothing worse than discovering that your favorite pair of headphones is attached to wires that are worn!

    If that’s the case with yours, don’t throw them out. You can actually extend the life of these wires with just a bottle cap and a lighter.

    Simply bring your bottle cap up to the lighter’s flame and heat until the cap starts melting. When the plastic piece starts resembling lava, hold the split end of your wire up to the oozing cap, and twirl until a makeshift ‘wrap’ is created. This long-lasting, waterproof solution can even last longer than electrical tape.

  3. Lightweight, on-the-go tripod

    plastic bottle tripodRoman UrsuHack

    Tripods are invaluable tools for photographers, but these doo-dads can be heavy, especially for those planning on bringing them along on vacation.

    So, if you don’t want to have to check one of these suckers in your bag, then consider making your own once you get to your destination. Simply grab a 20 oz. water bottle, a screwdriver, and a bolt.

    Before setting off on your journey, locate a bolt that is made specifically to adhere to the bottom of your camera. From there, make a small round hole in the top of the bottle cap and place the bolt through the bottom end. Once complete, screw the cap back on and carefully attach the camera. An on-the-go photographer’s dream!

Bet you didn’t know that plastic bottles caps are capable of so much. To get the full tutorials, as well as two bonus projects, be sure to click on the video below. There’s nothing better than making ‘trash’ useful once again!

What do you think of these plastic bottle hacks? Which one(s) do you plan on trying? Do you have any of your own that you would like to add to the list? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!