Harry and Meghan fans, rejoice! Their new biography “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal” will be hitting shelves on August 11, and we’re pretty pumped about it.

In fact, we’re so pumped about it that we can’t wait that long to read it and decided to research the best parts of the book, which dives into various points in their lives, including them taking a step back from the royal family and why they chose to do so.

We have to say, what we found is pretty exciting! Here are 9 things you may not have known about the royal couple that are revealed in the book (so if you’re planning to read it, there are spoilers below!).

  1. They Secretly Got Engaged

    You know how their engagement made national headlines everywhere? Yeah, well, that was actually old news for them. Harry and Meghan apparently got engaged in August of 2017 and kept it a secret until November of that year.

  2. Harry Was the First to Say “I Love You”

    Meghan said it right back, but Harry was the first to utter the L word. And the words were exchanged just three months into their relationship!

  3. Harry Didn’t Tolerate Friends Who Said Bad Things About Meghan

    Meghan is half black and half white, and some people in his circle would actually say some inappropriate or racist things about that. Don’t worry, he snubbed them!

  4. …Or the Royal Aides Who Did the Same

    Apparently, they’d also say some pretty rude things about Meghan, like that he wasn’t trustworthy and that she was Harry’s “showgirl.” No wonder they left the royal family!

  5. Meghan and Kate Aren’t the Best of Friends

    The book talks about how Kate Middleton and Meghan aren’t exactly the closest of sister-in-laws. It’s not that they don’t like each other—but they also don’t necessarily like each other.

  6. …Especially at Their Last Event

    March 2020 was the last time that Meghan and Harry attended a royal event (the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey)—and Kate wouldn’t even make eye contact with her.

  7. Meghan Was Forbidden to Wear Certain Jewelry

    Apparently Meghan wore a necklace with the initials “H” for Harry and “M” for Meghan—but the royal aides advised her not to do that unless she wanted more negative headlines in the tabloids.

  8. William and Kate Never Visited Them When They Had the Chance

    There was a 10-month period of time when Harry and Meghan lived in Oxfordshire, and William and Kate never visited them. It wasn’t like they wouldn’t let them—they apparently hosted tons of friends and family there, except those two. Odd.

  9. William Wasn’t a Fan of Meghan at First

    When Harry told his brother he was gaga over Meghan, he told Harry to “take as much time as you need to get to know ‘this girl,'” and didn’t want him to be “blindsided by lust.”

Learn more about the book in the video below!

Will you be picking up your copy of Finding Freedom when it comes out?