Name something you only get one of in a lifetime yet still take for granted. Mom? Best friend? Imaginary best friend? They’re all correct, but not what we’re talking about here. It’s all about your body.

We try to care of it as best we can and some things are out of our control. Yet there are other things that we should be doing better to keep it in tiptop shape. This list below highlights a few small things that you could be doing to your body that aren’t so good for its overall health. Let’s take a look!

  1. Taking Too Many Vitamins

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    Vitamin supplements are the norm these days, but recent reports indicate that taking too many can actually do more harm than good. Dosage levels may be too high, causing subtle problems like irritability or insomnia. Recently, it was reported that Americans are taking too much Vitamin D, which can lead to kidney stones, fractures, or cancer.

  2. Messing Up Your Posture

    You may not realize it, but constant texting and the like causes your neck to bend for prolonged periods, contributing to posture issues. Other things like sitting with your legs crossed or hunching over a computer for hours can misalign the spine or hips.

  3. Mistreating Your Feet

    Being kind to your feet starts with wearing the right shoes in the right size. But it doesn’t stop there. Dirty deeds you may need to correct include having poor foot hygiene or being exclusive with one pair of shoes.

  4. Sabotaging Your Sleep

    Sleep impacts heart and brain health. Do you have a set bedtime like kids do to help maintain your body’s circadian rhythm? If you’re having sleep woes, chances are you can do something to fix it. Whether it’s too little or too much sleep, simple things like shutting off electronics or exercise can help you.

  5. Skipping Sun Time or Sunscreen

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    Common advice about the sun is that too much will cause skin cancer. But this turns some people into hermits. Sunlight is good for you as a natural source of Vitamin D, which can help reduce your risk for certain cancers, catch more z’s, and build strong bones.

    Furthermore, sunlight affects circulation and serotonin production. Ten to 20 minutes is the recommended amount of time to go without sunscreen when catching some daily rays. Other than that, stick to SPF 30 or higher according to your skin’s needs.

  6. Neglecting Skin Problems

    In addition to being on watch for skin cancer, you’ve got to look out for other skin problems. Chronic breakouts could be a signal of something you need to adjust like choice of detergent or a dietary habit. Pay attention to irregularities with moles, rashes, or breakouts.

  7. Showering Too Hot

    Hot showers sure feel good on a chilly winter night. But the hot water actually is damaging to the skin and hair. Why? It strips both of natural oils that are there for protection. Use warm water instead or be bold and go cold.

  8. Water Deprivation

    Have you ever known someone who purposely does not drink water? Oh, there are adults who do. We all forget to drink enough from time to time and we wind up paying for it. Dehydration is no picnic for a body that’s 60% – 70% water. Get it together and get hydrated.

  9. Too Much Exercise

    body chest featuredLittle Things

    Exercise has been shown to improve sleep habits, metabolism, depression, stress levels, and va-va voom – the libido. Finding a routine what works for you can increase muscle and bone strength as well as heart health.

    But on the flip side, don’t do a regimen that’s too rigorous with little recovery time as it can harm your body. Overexertion can cause chest pain due to heart or lung troubles. Overtraining can also lead to depression, heart rate changes, extended muscle soreness, lowered immunity, and mood swings.

It’s your body. You can certainly choose to keep doing things as you like. That’s your prerogative. But something here might inspire you to stop – or at least change – some of these habits.

Have you learned the hard way to stop some body-sabotaging habits? Which of these can you relate to?

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