If you have kids and if you celebrate Christmas, chances are that one of your Christmas traditions involves taking the kids to see Santa. Whether this involves dressing them up in their best clothes or having them wear matching Christmas pajamas, the visit to see Santa for parents is a lot about capturing the perfect picture of the event.

The visit to see Santa for children is definitely about a lot more than a photo. The children have wish lists of what they want for Christmas, and they want to make sure Santa knows what’s on their list. While they could write letters to the jolly old elf, there’s nothing quite like rattling off the wish list in person.

Some children are eager to talk to Santa and sit on his lap. Other children are hesitant and need parents to join them. We’ve all had the year when the Santa photo captures a less than happy if not full on crying child in Santa’s arms.

Misty Wolf didn’t know if her son Matthew would ever visit Santa. Matthew was born 24 weeks premature, and he is both blind and autistic. The fact that he is alive is a true miracle and blessing.

While Matthew will never be able to see Santa with his eyes, he has been hearing a lot about Santa recently and his growing curiosity caused him to want to visit Santa.

Wolf wasn’t sure how the Santa visit would go, but she took Matthew to visit Santa at the Cabela’s store in Fort Worth, Texas. When it was Matthew’s turn to see Santa, Misty ran up to the man in red and quickly explained that her son is blind and autistic.

Santa’s response was perfect and has now gone viral. He simply reassured the worried mom by saying, “Say no more.” Then he left his chair and sat on the ground at Matthew’s level so that he could “see” him with his hands.

Santa let Matthew touch the fuzz on his coat, pull his beard and even touch his eyes. Then he asked Matthew if he had ever “seen” a reindeer and held him up so that he could touch one of the reindeer in the store’s Christmas display.

This is certainly one Christmas photo that doesn’t even begin to capture the true experience. We’re sure it’s an experience that Matthew and Misty will remember for the rest of their lives.

To watch Matthew’s visit to see Santa and to hear from “Santa” himself about the visit, watch the video below.

If you have children, do you take them to see Santa? What’s your favorite Santa visit memory?