Black Christmas Trees Are the Hottest New Trend This Holiday Season

Last winter, we told you guys all about a new Christmas trend: the upside down Christmas tree, where a tree is hung by its roots from the ceiling. Predictably, not all of our readers were on board with this holiday decor choice. In fact, most seemed to hate it so much that it seems to have fallen firmly off the radar for Christmas 2018. But, we all know that when one trend dies, another one emerges. And, this time it’s black-colored Christmas trees.

That’s right, some avant-garde artificial tree owners are beginning to swap out their traditional plastic, green evergreens for ones that are much more “Nightmare Before Christmas” than “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this trend is a huge hit on social media, with the popular #blackchristmastree currently at over 9,000 posts!


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Black Christmas tree?? Yup. 🖤

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Once the Instagram influencers start to take notice, you know that it’s officially a trend!

That said, not everyone is down with this holiday shakeup. In fact, the crew over at Good Morning America has some VERY interesting hot takes on black Christmas trees. Who knew holiday decor could be so controversial?

To get the full scoop on black Christmas trees, as well as Good Morning America’s take on this new holiday tradition, be sure to watch the video below. We gotta admit–we kind of like these trees. They sure do let those lights shine!

Ok, folks, we KNOW that you must have some very specific opinions about black Christmas trees–and we can’t wait to hear them! Are you a fan of the trend? Are you putting up a black Christmas tree this year? What’s your all-time favorite off-beat Christmas tradition?