Woman’s Birthday Trip Leads to Treasure Jackpot

An Arkansas woman got the best birthday present ever when she decided to go to the park. Twenty-five-year-old Victoria Brodksi made a trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park on May 6th and left with a smile on her face.

Opened as a public tourist attraction in the 1970s after being two separate properties during the 1950s, the park gets lots of traffic. Seekers of gems drop in on the Arkansas state park for fun and hope to find something special.

Victoria – a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma – was excited to make the trip to Arkansas as part of her birthday celebration. After hearing about others hitting their luck and finding big diamonds, she wanted to try her luck too. She and her family made the trek and swore to each other they would split whatever they got.

During the first ten minutes of her visit, Victoria picked up what she thought was a pretty little piece of glass. It was brown and shiny. Not knowing what she had, she popped it into her bag and kept searching with the rest of her family. Hours later, they went to the visitor’s center and it was there that she learned what she’d actually found.

She held a 2.65-carat raw diamond, and figured it out while looking at display pictures. Park staff confirmed the discovery and also informed her that it’s the second largest diamond found at the park so far in 2017. Watch the video to hear what Crater of Diamonds’ park expert had to say about Victoria’s gem, and to catch a glimpse of its brown hue.

One of the park’s fun traditions is having gem hunters name the stone they’ve found. Victoria decided to call hers Michelangelo— not after the Renaissance artist, but for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. In keeping with her family’s promise, Victoria aims to sell the mighty diamond and split the spoils with them.

Just this past March, teen Kalel Langford found fortune in a shiny brown rock too. At 7.44 carats, his find turned out to be one of the largest diamonds ever discovered at Crater of Diamonds. He plans to keep it as a souvenir.

In both cases, neither Victoria nor Kalel knew what they’d found, as they thought the color of the stones was too dark to be a diamond. Both of them also found the rocks after being there for a short amount of time. Kalel stumbled upon his treasure within thirty minutes of arriving at the park.

It looks like Victoria’s birthday celebration turned out to be one for the books. The young lady was very lucky, as it’s extremely common for folks to leave Crater of Diamonds State Park empty-handed. It is also a good thing she stopped by the visitor’s center before she left with an attractive piece of glass. Who knows what would’ve happened if she didn’t!

What do you think of Victoria’s find? Who’s ready to take a trip out to Crater of Diamonds? Have you ever been diamond digging before (and no, we don’t mean the video game app)?