While we’re used to hearing about personality traits based on our zodiac signs, there are a handful of other systems used to analyze what makes up who we are. You don’t have to believe in any of them, but reading about it can be fun, as sometimes there are kernels of truth to be found.

Different from birthstones, a newer kid on the birth month block is colorstrology. Created by numerologist and astrologist Michele Bernhardt, colorstrology is a system that looks at a person’s sun sign, ruling planets, and numerology, but with a twist.

Each day of the year is assigned a Pantone color, as is each birth month. In her book Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You, Ms. Bernhardt explains which qualities are connected to you and each color.

She breaks down the energy behind color and how or why an individual may be drawn to certain shades. How this differs from birthstones and the zodiac is that colors are assigned to each day or month according to what a person needs.

For instance, if your birth month is a shade of green, you’d need that in your world to help you feel balanced in one or more areas. You can also look at other colors to see what they mean and how you can incorporate them into your life – kind of like Feng Shui. Browse the list below to find out what these colors mean for you!

  1. January – Caramel

    Traits: logical, practical, down-to-earth. This lovely brown color can help with grounding oneself and one’s ambitions.

  2. February – Sheer Lilac

    Traits: inspirational, imaginative, uplifting. Helps you detach from overwhelmingly emotional situations; also encourages compassion and love for the human family.

  3. March – Fair Aqua

    Traits: Empathetic, intuitive. A hue that assists when intuition is needed, and helps people navigate between their conscious and subconscious.

  4. April – Cayenne

    Traits: Fiery, energetic, courageous. This red shade can aid when you need a dose of courage, a winning spirit, or enthusiasm.

  5. May – Bud Green

    Traits: Prosperity, healing. Use if you want to draw in money, physical vitality, or good health.

  6. June – Aspen Gold

    Traits – Radiant, intellectually stimulating. This yellow hue lifts the spirits and encourages mental stimulation, intelligence, and enhanced brain power.

  7. July – Coral Blush

    Traits – Gentle, receptive. Attracts love and gentleness from others. Has a calming effect.

  8. August – Sun Orange

    Traits: Power, radiance. Promotes and brings joy, confidence, creativity, and energy.

  9. September – Baja Blue

    Traits: Wise, artistic, discerning. When you want to draw beauty into your life or need help using good judgement, work with this color.

  10. October – Cerulean

    Traits: Peaceful, calm, balanced. Tap into this when you need peace, support, and strength in your convictions.

  11. November – Claret Red

    Traits – Passionate, transformation. Intensity, helps clear the way when you need to make changes. Draws love.

  12. December – Pagoda Blue

    Traits – Wisdom, truth, adventure. Helps to expands your horizons for travel, adventure, and enlightenment.

Painting a room is not the only way you can play with these colors. Ms. Bernhardt suggests you eat them, wear them, meditate on them, or decorate with them. To learn more about colorstrology or your specific birthday, you can pick up the book.

Look into the guide to see about other significant dates in your life or the people in it. Even if you’re not a believer, have fun with it!

Have you heard of this system? Is there any truth to yours? What are your thoughts on the meaning of colors and how they affect us?