Remember when you used to get excited about birthdays? You know, those days when becoming a year older meant more freedom, lots of presents, and all of the cake you could eat?

It’s safe to say that we all felt that way UNTIL we reached an age when birthdays became a reminder of the fact that youth is, sadly, not eternal.

In today’s inspirational episode of The Makeover Guy, we meet Raina and Ruth, best friends who made the trek to Minneapolis from their respective homes in Vermont and Georgia just to see the famed “Makeover Guy”, Christopher Hopkins, himself!

The two “women of a certain age” feel that a physical transformation could make them feel better about their upcoming 65th birthdays.

In her pre-makeover interview, Raina explains that she first learned of Hopkins’ stellar reputation on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and knew that she and her BFF just had to experience some of his magic for themselves.

So, when the two were nearing that senior citizen milestone, the friends of 30 years took the leap and booked two full makeovers with the master himself. Ruth says that both she and Raina have only made “small changes” to their appearances over the past few decades, so they are more than ready to go through a style transformation together!

For Ruth’s makeover, the salon’s stylist opts for a color combination that highlights the gorgeous gal’s crystal blue eyes. Instead of going darker, the colorist picks a brighter version of her original, gold-toned hue.

For her makeup, the salon’s resident makeup artist elects to highlight those baby blues with a blue and gold eyeshadow and liner combo. We think this small change makes her look so much more confident!

As far as her cut is concerned, Hopkins first takes a close look at her facial structure in order to ensure that her new style complements her natural features well. The brave “makeoveree” allows the stylist to take off as much length as he sees fit, and she is left with a super voluminous bob. How chic!

Ruth’s best friend Raina also gets quite a few inches taken off her mop, and we think it looks great! Hopkins works with her naturally wavy hair texture to achieve a “tousled” look that she loves. In fact, she reports that the simple cut makes her “feel like a movie star.” Can’t get much better than that, huh?

So, what does this vibrant duo think of their new ‘dos? Well, we think Ruth puts it best when she says, “I wanted a haircut that reflects the way I feel, but this haircut makes me feel even better!”

Now that you know all about just how these fabulous makeovers were achieved, it’s time to see the jaw-dropping results for yourself. Just click on the video below to witness Ruth and Raina’s amazing transformations. We can’t believe that these two are almost senior citizens!

What do you think of Ruth and Raina’s makeovers? If you were their stylist, would you have done anything differently? Have you ever received a makeover before?