Recently, travel guru Johnny Jet encountered a very bizarre phone call. He picked up the phone and was told by a recording that due to an update to a recent WestJet flight, he and his wife were both eligible for a $990 credit. Immediately, he knew this had to be a scam, but he pressed “1” anyway to see how it worked.

I could barely understand the guy through his thick Indian accent. He asked if I was over 30 and if I had a credit card, and I said I sure did, in a disguised, crazy, eager voice—and he put me on hold. My voice must have been too suspicious since he hung up on me, but the moral of the story is to never, under any circumstances, give any of these crooks your credit card information, bank account number or any other personal information. Tell them they’re being recorded and they’ll hang up faster than you can say Marco Polo.

Has this happened to you before? Were you able to detect a scam right away?

Thanks to Johnny Jet for the heads up on this.