Trying to pick a baby’s name can sometimes feel like you’re training for a new career as a fortune teller. You want to pick a name that will be loved, but you also don’t want your baby girl to wind up being one of the 12 Lisas in her seventh grade class.

The good news is that lists of trending baby names take a lot of the guess work out for you. These lists can help you choose a name that will be popular, while also giving enough variety to help you find one that not everyone else will have picked.

We’ve taken a look at some lists of top names for both boys and girls, and pulled out some of our favorites. These are names that  are expected to be rising stars over the next decade. There are some gorgeous ones!

  1. Genevieve

    This name has a Celtic origin. It’s great because it lends itself to so many nicknames, like Gen, Eve, and Genny. Or, if you want to break out your inner Harry Potter character, Ginny.

  2. Rhett

    This classic boy’s name sounds strong and noble, bringing to mind Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind.

  3. Nora

    Nora is close to other girl’s names, like Eleanor and Lenora, but short enough to have a spunky character all its own.

  4. Oliver

    We love Oliver because it comes from the old German Alfihar, meaning “elf army.” Isn’t that adorable?

  5. Emery

    This one’s a great gender-neutral choice that comes from the German for “industrious.” Perfect for your hard-working tot-to-be!

  6. Theodore

    For something a little more on the lofty side, go with this one, which means “God’s gift” in Greek. Of course our baby boy would be, right?

  7. Annabelle

    This gracious name mans “loveable” in Latin, and we think that is perfect! This is a great alternative to the more common “Anna,” but you can always go with the shorter version as a nickname, if you want.

  8. Judah

    Biblical names have a way of sticking around. Judah was one of Jacob’s 12 sons, founder of the Hebrew tribe of Judah, and direct ancestor of Jesus. Not bad associations for your boy!

  9. Lucy

    This simple but elegant girl’s name was popular a while back. Coming from the Latin word lux (“light”), it’s bright and beautiful sounding.

  10. Atticus

    This boy’s name sounds ancient, but it’s also familiar, since it’s the name of the lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird.

  11. Vera

    This isn’t just the name of fashion icon Vera Wang. It also means “faith” or “belief” in Russian, and “true” in Latin.

  12. Levi

    Meaning “joining,” this was also the name of a Hebrew tribe, like Judah. And yes, the jeans company, too.

  13. Kenzie

    Though it might look like a nickname for the almost overused “Mackenzie,” this fun girl’s name actually comes from the Gaelic word cainneach, meaning “handsome.”

  14. Dean

    Coming from the Old English word for “valley,” this boy’s name sounds strong and manly.

  15. Finley

    This super fun name is gaining in popularity for girls. It means “fair-haired warrior” in Gaelic, which is just awesome for a kick-butt girl.

  16. Luca

    This is another gender-neutral one. It’s related to Lucy, but also reminds us of Luke.

  17. Adalyn

    This girl’s name means “noble” or “noble one.” There are tons of cute nicknames for it, too, like Addi and Lyn.

  18. Weston

    Literally, this name means “west town,” but it also has some great nicknames, like Wes and West.

  19. June

    Month names have always been on the outskirts, but this one’s so nice for girls. It comes from Juno, the Greek queen of the gods, which is pretty cool.
  20. Ezra

    Another classic Biblical name, this one means “help” in Hebrew. If you’re into throwbacks, there was the ancient prophet Ezra and the popular 90s band Better than Ezra.

  21. Camilla

    Everyone’s into the royals these days, so why not name your girl after the Duchess of Cornwall? Plus, Camilla has great nicknames, like Cam, Mila, and Millie.

  22. Nikolai

    This is a great alternative to the more common Nicholas, that has both Greek and Russian roots.

  23. Adeleine

    This beautiful girl’s name comes the the old German for “nobility,” which we think is very fitting. Not only that, you could use Adele as a nickname!

  24. Beckham

    If you’re looking for a boy’s name that will sound instantly strong and handsome, you can’t go wrong with a certain dashing soccer star’s surname.

  25. Arabella

    Bella spiked in popularity recently (thanks, Twilight!), but if you’re looking for an alternative girl’s name, this one’s perfect and is on the rise.

  26. Paisley

    This isn’t just the name of the retro fabric pattern–it’s also a town in Scotland. It sounds close to other popular names, like Haisley and Bailey, but with just a touch of uniqueness.

  27. Asher

    This classic boy’s name is back on the charts, probably because it sounds like a perfect gentleman’s.

  28. Gemma

    There are lots of gemstones that are used as girl’s names, like Pearl, Jade, Ruby, and Amber. Latin for “gemstone,” Gemma captures them all!

  29. Kinsley

    Like Paisley, this rising girl’s name ends in the popular “ley” sound. It actually means “king’s meadow,” which is perfect if you want to go for a touch of royalty — or Lord of the Rings!

  30. Beckett

    While you’re down in the shire, think about this one as a boy’s name. It means “dweller by the brook,” and sounds strong, classic, and modern all at the same time.

Those are our favorites! Check out the links below for some more ideas. Do you have any favorite baby names? Can you predict which ones are going to be most popular over the next decade?


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