People Share What They Believe to Be the Best Time to Put Up the Christmas Tree

Not everyone puts up their Christmas tree on the same day. Some people put their tree up around Thanksgiving. Some choose to wait until early December or even Christmas Eve. Some people don’t put their Christmas tree up at the same time every year; they mix it up.

When I was growing up, my mom used to insist on waiting until exactly two weeks before Christmas before putting up the Christmas tree. She felt that any earlier and it wouldn’t be special anymore by the time Christmas arrived.

I really disliked waiting until so close to Christmas to enjoy the pretty lights and ornaments, so when I grew up and had my own place, I chose to decorate right after Thanksgiving, usually on Black Friday. Any earlier felt like I wasn’t giving Thanksgiving it’s proper place as a holiday.

Who is right? Is there a correct time to put up the Christmas tree?

Let’s Look Historically

For people who like to follow the traditions of their ancestors, there’s a very good argument for waiting until closer to Christmas before putting up the Christmas tree. In Victorian times, people waited until around December 22nd or 23rd before decorating the Christmas tree. Doctor Martin Johnes is the author of the book “Christmas and the British: A Modern History.” He explains that people thought putting up a Christmas tree earlier in the month was bad luck.

Chris Craig is the co-founder of Christmas at Home UK. Craig explains that originally the Christmas tree was put up on Christmas Eve and kept up until “Twelfth Night.” Craig also mentioned that most people don’t follow this tradition any more. He also shared, “For the 30 years we’ve been selling trees, the majority buy them roughly two weeks before Christmas. However, in the last couple of years, we’ve sold more trees at the end of November to coincide with the beginning of advent as people’s traditions change.”

Why are our traditions changing?

On Reddit, multiple people have expressed their views about why they feel a certain day is the correct day for putting up a Christmas tree. Although it’s phrased different ways in different comments, the consensus seems to be the end of November or very early December, so basically, shortly after Thanksgiving and at the beginning of advent, which is 4 Sundays before Christmas.

Reddit user Disbride wrote, “First weekend in December, or if I really can’t wait sometimes the last weekend in November.”

Meanwhile, Reddit user nicksmom25 explained, “The day after Thanksgiving has always been the day we put up ours. It’s nice to spend the day bringing out the Christmas decorations. :)”

Craig feels that our desire to decorate for Christmas earlier than in past years may be due to how commercial Christmas has become and the fact that Christmas trees are advertiser earlier than they used to be.

Does 2020 make a difference?

Looking at Christmas decorations and listening to Christmas music brings a smile to the faces of many people. The decor helps us remember happy times with our family around the holidays, and it can bring a feeling of joy to our hearts.

Especially in a year that has been so difficult for so many people, we’re all for finding joy however we can, and if that means putting up the Christmas tree the day after Halloween (just us?), then go for it!

Influencer Ness Hancock told Good Housekeeping, “Research has found that it can improve your mood, and a study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology concluded that those who decorate the outside of their house come across as more friendly.” She added, “With the year we’ve had, everyone could do with a bit of happiness. It’s (finally) something positive and joyful to look forward to.”

The short answer is that you should decorate for Christmas whenever you want to and not worry about when anyone else is decorating. If it makes you happy to put up your Christmas tree today, do it. If you want to wait until Christmas Eve, we admire your patience. There is only one exception and that is if you prefer a real Christmas tree.

According to Delish, if you ask British Christmas Tree Growers, they’ll tell you that if you’re going to buy a real Christmas tree, December 1st is an ideal time to do that. Any earlier, and it might be too dry by the time Christmas arrives.