This Will Make You Think Twice About Your Plastic Storage Bags!

When it comes to plastic storage bags there are literally a dizzying amount of options to choose from! They come in all different sizes and thicknesses. Some have brightly colored zippers that you need to press in order to seal, while others have sliding zip tops to keep food safe and fresh. Nonetheless, we all know that not all plastic storage bags are created equal. Some get the job done but, let’s be honest most just don’t! Fortunately, our friends over at America’s Test Kitchen performed rigorous tests on these bags so that you don’t have to face lost time and money on this must-have kitchen item.

Before we delve into the more technical details of what these different bags offer, let’s go into what both effective and ineffective plastic storage bags can offer you.



  • Increase the life of food
  • Keep out moisture
  • Properly secure and store food
  • Close up easily



  • Leak
  • Allow moisture to come in
  • Awkward sizing
  • Hard to close or keep sealed


For this experiment, America’s Test Kitchen decided to exclusively use freezer bags as opposed to standard storage bags. According to their tests, freezer bags are always more durable than the others, even if you are only storing food in a fridge or pantry. They decided to focus on nine different plastic storage bags that all claimed to do the same things. The bags ranged from 12 cents to 49 cents, and spanned from supermarket variety to bulk restaurant variety, to even an eco-friendly variety.

The first test that they performed had to do with sealing. It turned out that a popular double-layered bag could not hold four pounds of carrots, while a bag that offered a fold out bottom held the carrots easily.


Next came a test where they added a gallon of water to each bag—these are gallon sized storage bags after all! Though all nine bags ended up passing the size test, five out of the nine bags leaked water when full.


With the bags still filled with water, they tried the “shake test.” Though nerve-racking to watch, it’s essential to do, unless you want to end up with a puddle of water in your fridge, or worse! I’m sure you’re not surprised to know that plenty of these bags burst open when shook.

Another cringe worthy test that they did was the “tomato sauce test.” And yes, they put down a tarp before this one! Only two out of nine of the bags bounced off the floor and remained sealed through the trauma.

The final test was arguably the most important—the “air-tight test.” One of the main reasons that we all use plastic storage bags in the first place is so our food stays fresh. Bags that cannot withstand the cold temperatures of the freezer just won’t do! Only two out of the nine bags were able to stave off freezer burn.

So, who was the clear winner? The Ziplock Brand Double Zipper Gallon Freezer Bag! Fortunately for us, this bag also happened the cheapest and easiest bag to purchase in this whole experiment.

Watch the video below to see why this bag was the undeniable winner. You will also get tips on how to find durable bulk packaged and eco-friendly bags.

How often do you use plastic storage bags? Have you had any messy experiences with leaking or bursting bags? Tell us your stories in the comments below!