This is the most heartwarming way to start your morning! Nowadays, when someone is getting married, they like to find a cute way to ask their friend and family member to be their best man or maid of honor. Most commonly through cute and thoughtful gifts. When this man decides to ask his dad to be his best man, he knew he had to find the perfect way to ask…and judging by his dad’s absolutely touching reaction, he found the perfect way!



How sweet! It clearly means a lot to his dad that he asked him. Look at those tears!

I especially love the way he did it. You see those sweet types of best man/maid of honor gifts all over Pinterest and Etsy, and this custom made beer holder is the perfect way to ask your dad to be your best man. If your dad loves beer, of course! If he does, consider using this sweet gift, you might just get the same amazing reaction.