How to Fry Eggs in Mason Jar Lids

This video from Jumble Joy is only 56 seconds long, but the intelligence of its tip lasts for far longer! If you’ve ever wondered how you could get picture-perfectly cooked eggs, now you’ve got your answer— and as she demonstrates about halfway through the video, this method works for way more than just sunny-side-up. Watch and learn!

This is a really cool and easy way to fry eggs. I did it this weekend and loved it! Hope you have success with it too. See below for details on what to do.

What you need:
– 2 mason jar lids
– 2 eggs
– cooking spray
– tongs (or something to grab the mason jar lids)

How to make it:
1. Warm pan on stove
2. Spray pan with cooking spray
3. Place tops of the 2 mason jar lids directly on to the pan
4. Crack an egg in each mason jar lid
5. Let eggs cook, then flip lids with tongs
6. Knock eggs out of lids onto plate