Consulting the stars may let you know how your love life, money, or health will line up for the month, but oh what fun it is to hear what else our zodiac signs can do for us. We can learn about our best career options, how to decorate our homes, or which superhero we’d be according to our signs.

Like knowing what to eat or drink for our blood type, we can eat foods and drinks that are good for our astrological signs too. We’re talking about breakfast foods today! You know those little personality traits and quirks that describe a Cancer or Libra to a “T”?

Those qualities can be used to match up the best morning meals that are written in the stars. Take a look at this fun list to see which foods can get you going in the morning according to your sign!

  1. Aries

    Fiery Aries is ruled by Mars and people of this sign take action, are energetic, and love anything quick. Made-ahead boiled eggs, muffins, yogurt parfaits, or sandwiches are the ideal morning pick-me-up for you.

  2. Taurus

    Fluffy buttermilk pancakes zing with bright lemony flavor from real lemon zest and juice, and plenty of poppy seeds add a subtle crunch.TipHero

    Taurus folks are reliable and very practical but also happen to have a foodie streak in them too. They love to make food and savor each bite so they can appreciate flavors. Oatmeal is practical enough for your kind and can be doctored up for a punch of flavor. What would really hit the spot for you are a nice plate of pancakes topped with cinnamon infused syrup.

  3. Gemini

    Geminis (the twins) are known for their kindness and versatility. As mercurial spirits, they can easily flit from one thing to another. Breakfast bowls layered with yogurt, chia puddings, fruit or granola give these twin personalities the variety they need. Mix quinoa in there too!

    And smoothies, fruit, and bars are quick pick-me-ups that can come in twos: think at least two flavors or two servings.

  4. Cancer

    Close-up of bowl of loaded potato hashTipHero

    Though sentimental, family-oriented, and homey, Cancers also have a trademark crabby side. To avoid any grumpy grumblings from hunger, eat filling, homemade comfort foods like quiche, oatmeal, hash or skillet potato dishes, scrambled eggs, or French toast.

  5. Leo

    The royal members of the zodiac, Leos love flair, pomp, and richness. Ideally, their meals are served up by someone else, but the chef in you can whip up decadent plates of dark chocolate scones, luscious omelets with asparagus (egg whites only please), melons, or anything with salmon (that goes for bagels too).

  6. Virgo

    You’re all about health, Virgo, so avocado toast or a nutritious smoothie with a splash of coconut water are a delightful start to your morning. Skipping the dairy is a good choice for Virgos who like to watch out for their digestive health.

  7. Libra

    Balanced but indecisive Libra often has a hard time making food choices. Granola with nuts, yogurt with fruit mixed in, and whole grain bagels are light but yummy choices for this air sign.

  8. Scorpio

    Spicy, passionate Scorpios can be indulgent but fickle. Crepes or Belgian waffles with baked fruit are enough to satisfy your cravings in the morning. Try topping with simmered apples or baked pears sprinkled with cinnamon.

  9. Sagittarius

    Adventurous Sagittariuses need a lot of fuel to stay pumped during the day. Protein-packed green smoothies and whole grain cereal will get you moving. Add some nut butter, hemp protein, or chia seeds to your smoothie for an extra kick.

  10. Capricorn

    These oats n' honey granola bars are loaded with almonds & cranberries, taste like granola clusters, and are strong enough to stand up to a trip in a backpack.TipHero

    Caps are ambitious but sometimes have a regimented nature. Since they like organization so much, anything made the night before like overnight oats, muffins, mini quiches, a frittata, or DIY energy bars are a hit.

  11. Aquarius

    Aquarius – creative, self-assured and nonconforming – would love to munch on a breakfast bowl instead of a breakfast burrito. Toss whatever ingredients you’d normally put into an a.m. burrito into a bowl and go. Make more than one and store in the freezer or fridge!

  12. Pisces

    Whimsical Pisces people are kind and generous, and wouldn’t mind having enough food to share. Jazzed up doughnuts for all, apple crisp, or a fruit salad hit the right notes for you.

You don’t have to take your horoscope seriously to seriously enjoy these breakfast ideas, but you may find inspiration for some new recipes!

Are you going to try one of these suggestions for breakfast? Do you already eat this way for your sign but just realized it? What’s your favorite breakfast when you eat it?