Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have called their relationship quits. That’s old news. What’s new news is that Lopez has been hanging out with her ex Ben Affleck.

Back in the early 2000s, Affleck and Lopez were known as Bennifer. The celebrity couple even planned on getting married, but the wedding never happened. Part of the reason for the breakup was apparently so much attention from the paparazzi.

Since their split, Lopez and Affleck each eventually got married and started families of their own. Affleck married Jennifer Garner. The couple had three children, and even though they have since gotten divorced, they seem to be able to co-parent rather amicably. For example, paparazzi spotted the couple attending their son’s swim practice together.

When swim practice was over, Affleck walked around to the driver’s side of the car. As he was about to get inside, one paparazzi dared to ask him the question, “Hey Ben, are the rumors about J Lo true?”

Affleck has gotten used to ignoring the paparazzi, and he has taught his family to do the same, but this time, it seemed that he couldn’t completely ignore the question. He didn’t say a word, but he did throw the liquid in his cup in the direction of the person who asked the question. You can watch this incident for yourself below.

What are the rumors that the paparazzi were referring to? Even though Lopez and Affleck have not been spotted together, Page Six reports that a vehicle owned by Lopez has picked up Affleck and taken him to her house where he stays for several hours before leaving. In addition, he was also spotted arriving at the Bel-Air Hotel by the same white SUV that later drove Lopez to a business meeting.

One source told Page Six that there’s nothing romantic going on between Lopez and Affleck. Instead, “They are friends … they’ve never not been.”

Another source told Page Six, “When you’re that famous, who are you going to talk to? People who you know, other famous people.” Basically, we shouldn’t be surprised that Lopez has turned to Affleck to talk to after her breakup. Reportedly, she has also been talking to another ex, Marc Anthony, and her friend Leah Remini.

Do you think Affleck and Lopez have secretly rekindled their relationship, or do you think they’re really just friends? Do you think it’s odd that Lopez would talk to her other exes after a recent breakup?