A Beer Holder Exists for Those Who Need Happy Hour in the Shower

After a long, hard day keeping your nose to the grind, you want to come home and relax. A hot bath sounds nice. You run the water, maybe light some candles too, and then sink in, reaching for your cold can of beer.

Ahhh. Sound like your kind of night? Help beer venture where it rarely is bold enough to go with a shower beer holder. Shakoolie’s “Happy Hour in the Shower” beer holder is the bathroom accessory you need.

This is for those days that you’re not in the mood for wine. This is for those people who prefer an ice cold can of anything when they’re ready to unwind or ready to pump it up before a get-together.

When the makers of this shower koozie came up with this novel idea, they had beer on the brain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick a can of fruit punch or soda into it. In fact, it’s meant for good times in the shower and keeps your drink cold and away from any sudsy action.

Here’s how the inventors describe it:

“One night, we asked ourselves ‘what if you could just stick your beer to that shower wall?’ It was glorious friends – one of those ‘aha’ moments. We combined a simple foam can cooler with industrial grade Velcro to create shower beer awesomeness. Not only is your beer now hands free, it also stays ice cold in a steamy shower.

The shower beer is the most relaxing thing on the planet. Plus with Shakoolie, that hands free experience allows you to relax and enjoy your shower. We all love a good beer in the shower.”

Are you sold on this yet? It keeps your beer cold and can help prevent an accidental grip and slip when you leave the drink in the foam. We’re guessing that if there’s any leftover beer, it is easily converted into a hair or skin rinse (yes, that’s a thing). These are already making the rounds as gifts for everyone from men to couples to college kids.

If you don’t see a good reason for having a beer in the shower, then you may want to check out this Reddit thread dedicated exclusively to shower beer drinkers. There are bottles and cans of beer on the walls of showers everywhere, mostly used for rewards, celebrations, pick-me-ups, or lull-me-downs.

Chances are you know someone who likes to have something cold to drink in the shower. Get one of these holders. Chances are you know someone who loves wine but is thinking about trying shower beer for the first time. Get one of these. And if you don’t know anyone, try it out for yourself!

The Shakoolie Shower Beer Holder only costs $13 on Amazon and comes in a variety of designs. There’s even one that says, “So Fresh So Clean”. Go ahead and make someone’s holiday with this clever gift and make their beer lovin’ dreams come true.

Who in your crew likes to drink beer in the shower? Would you use one of these? Do you drink while in the tub or shower?