As anyone who grew up with siblings can tell you, having your own space as a kid is crucial. Even if that space is just a chair in the living room where you can sit by yourself and read or play video games – any little bit of alone time in a typically crazy house is enough. When it came to the two daughters of this creative mommy blogger, who goes by Clutter Bug on her website, her two girls were driving each other nuts in their shared bedroom. To stop the fighting and give the girls some semblance of privacy, she went to work on this very inventive project! You have to see how she took one spacious bedroom and split it up into two spaces without doing ANY construction at all. Watch the video below to see how she pulled off this budget renovation.

When sisters Izzy and Abby started going at it in their bedroom, their parents knew it was time to do something. Although they didn’t feel they had the option to give each girl their own bedroom (there was a play room downstairs and a smaller bedroom upstairs, but I suppose they thought the kids would argue over who got the larger space) they knew it was time to give the girls a little privacy.

Initially, the plan was to put up a wall to create two bedrooms. But when the couple went to IKEA, they found a solution that did the job for an amazing price with no construction necessary.

The budget-friendly solution? A IKEA shelving unit turned on its side. This made the unit taller and provided an almost pseudo-wall so the girls could feel like they had their own space and privacy without a huge, expensive construction.

Plus, we love the theme of the entire room! The sisters go to French school and are obsessed with all things Paris, so naturally, the room became a Paris-themed space! Adorable and classy.

Result of the budget room renovation.LittleThings

The walls were already a lovely powder blue, so the couple stuck with that shade and did something clever to compliment it; they went for all black and white decor. And, as the Clutter Bug says herself, pairing black and white with one pop of color is basically “idiot proof” – a.k.a. really hard to mess up.

Black, white, and powder blue decor was used throughout the entire room, including the small Eiffel tower statues, the storage baskets put on the “wall” shelves, and the curtains. The curtains seemed like they were their own project; because the windows were installed close to the corners of the room, the couple had to hang the curtain rods off-center, with only one curtain panel actually covering the window. They did this on both sides, however, and it gives great symmetry to the room!

The bedding also works into the blue, black, and white color theme – mom even ironed Paris decals onto some cheap pillows! Brilliant and cost-effective.

All in all, the sisters loved their new, beautifully decorated bedroom, and adored that they had a little privacy in their shared space.

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