This Beautiful Tiny Apartment Will Amaze You!

It’s no secret that “microliving” is a huge trend these days. With the popularity of tiny homes rising and gaining awareness every day, it’s no wonder that many are seeking out space-saving options that fit easily into this niche lifestyle.

That’s why we’ve got a great clip for you today courtesy of the vloggers at GoDownsize. Watch – and take notes! – as they give us a tour of a tiny apartment that has everything you could ever need!

GoDownsize is run by a cute couple that has made it their life’s mission to get rid of all of their unnecessary material items. The duo lives a nomadic existence on the cheap, so they end up staying in small rentals which they profile on their social media and website.

In this particular video, our hosts show us a teeny, tiny 250 square foot studio apartment located in The Hague, The Netherlands.

I know what you’re thinking—250 square feet for an ENTIRE apartment?! It sounds small on paper, but, believe us, this space comes fully-equipped. Here are some of the unique ways that the owners get the most out of their pint-size rental.

  1. The “Murphy” Drying Rack

    This small apartment already includes a Murphy bed – spoiler alert! – but it also has a “Murphy” drying rack of sorts. Believe it or not, the unit has a full kitchen, but suffice it to say, it is missing out on some necessary counter space.

    So, the owners got creative and actually installed a foldable drying rack onto the wall. When the dishes need to be air dried, the couple simply pops open the rack. Then it can be popped back in when all the dish ware is ready to be put away. Genius!

  2. The Wardrobe- Cabinet Combo

    The lack of built-in storage space in the little home doesn’t deter the owners or their renters from staying organized! A tall wardrobe was brought in to the kitchen area and placed against an empty wall to act as improvised cabinetry for dish ware. Such a smart idea!

  3. Colors Galore!

    Did you know that adding color into small spaces helps the area appear larger? Though the bathroom in this apartment is bigger than you would think, the owners were smart about adding bright hues that helped to open up the look of the room. These shower tiles are just one example of how using cheerful and intricate designs helps to make a small place even cozier.

  4. The Murphy Bed

    I’ve already told you all about the “Murphy” drying rack, so here’s the real thing. Since this apartment is definitely a true studio, there is no other option than to camp out in the living room. Luckily, the space comes equipped with a full-sized – and comfy-looking! – bed that can easily be folded up and out-of-sight during daytime hours.

Watch GoDownsize’s video below to see even more features of this fantastic little home!

What do you think about this particular tiny apartment? Could you live in a space this small? Do you have any space-saving hacks of your own? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!