Beautiful No-Bake Red, White and Blue Berry Trifle

Red, white and blue dessert shouldn’t just be reserved for those special occasions where we celebrate America; especially when it comes to fresh, delicious and easy desserts like this one. If you’re preparing dessert on a really hot summery day, then this is the perfect one to try. It requires minimal effort and no baking, so you won’t need to heat up the kitchen. And the way this trifle is made, it serves like a beautiful cake that slices easily. Everyday Food shows us how it’s done:

This super-easy, no-bake recipe just involves a few ingredients and kitchen-items: an 8-inch springform pan (while not something everyone has lying around, it’s key to making this easy to display and serve), parchment/baking paper, 5-cups of raspberries, confectioners sugar (less than a cup total), a quarter cup of fresh orange juice (around a half to a whole orange squeezed), 10-oz of mascarpone cheese (unfortunately, it may only come in an 8-oz container, so you may have to buy two but you can always use the extra to spread on bread for breakfast or a snack), one-and-a-quarter cup of heavy cream, half a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, 24 lady fingers, and a bunch of blueberries to cover the top of trifle (as shown in the video).

This dessert is great for making on hot days, as it involves no cooking. And don’t think you can only serve it on patriotic holidays, as it’s a great summertime treat whenever you’re feeling it!

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