The great thing about DIY crafts is that you can turn ordinary objects into extraordinary items. It really is amazing how a piece of yarn can become a sweater or a cardboard box can become literally anything you (or your children) can dream up.

While we love all sorts of craft projects, we especially love ones that use items we already have on hand. One item we always have on hand is a box of coffee filters. Coffee is essential to our morning routine. We’re sure we’re not the only ones.

If you have a box of coffee filters, you can easily turn a few of them into a beautiful springtime craft – DIY coffee filter dancers! To make one dancer, you’ll need 2 coffee filters, a pair of scissors, washable markers, a tiny elastic and 2 pipe cleaners.

Before you ask, no, permanent markers won’t work. Put those Sharpies away. If you have kids, you probably already have some washable markers in your house. The washable part is essential so that the colors bleed and create the beautiful watercolor effect on the dancer’s dress.

It’s also helpful to have a baking sheet on hand. The baking sheet creates a mess-free surface for you (or your kids) to create this easy DIY craft. 

Gather your supplies, and then watch the video below to see how easy it is to make these beautiful dancers.

We love how adding just a few drops of water causes the colors to blend and create such a beautiful effect on the dresses. You could get creative and use a variety of colors to make endless patterns and effects on each dress. 

For a pinkish dress, try reds, purples, oranges and of course, pinks.

For a bluish dress, try blues, greens and purples.

For a yellowish dress, try yellows and oranges.

We also love how easy this craft is. Even a child as young as pre-school age would enjoy coloring the coffee filters with the markers and dripping the water on top to see the colors blend and change. It’s a good educational craft project that shows how colors blend together. In our book, this craft totally counts as at-home arts and sciences.

These dancers would be beautiful spring decor. We can also picture young children making them dance around the dining room table!

Are you going to make these coffee filter dancers? What color dresses are you going to make? Have you ever made a craft with coffee filters before?