In a match-up of two brown bears versus a dog, who do you think would win? Most of you would say the bears, right? This puppy is here to prove you wrong. When two brown bears cubs approach this home, the house guard dog is right on the case, ready to chase them away. What type of dog? I bet you’re imagining a pit bull or a mastiff. No…this is a guard French bulldog. This little dog has a lot of fight in him. Watch the hilarious video below, you won’t believe it unless you see it.

The bears – who are just cubs, so it appears – seem to be approaching the house innocently enough. They DEFINITELY weren’t expecting the fight that they got. And how lucky are we that it all got recorded on tape for our enjoyment?!

The timing of the whole thing is just too perfect. The bears go out of the frame for two seconds – and the only thing you see after that is the bears running back and forth with the French bulldog hot on their tails! I’m telling you, you want a tough guard dog? Invest in a French bulldog, people.