Beard Christmas Ornaments Are Here to Make Facial Hair Extra Festive

Question: have you ever wanted to be extra festive for Christmas? And, when we mean “extra festive,” we mean “EXTRA FESTIVE!” No, we’re not talking about putting up a Halloween Christmas tree, or even an upside-down one; and, we’re definitely not alluding to those boozy tequila advent calendars (though those do sound fun!).

Our newly-adopted version of “extra festive” is a man decorating his beard like he decorates his Christmas tree–with brightly-colored bulbs!

Nope, we’re not kidding…

Believe it or not, some bearded men are choosing to get into the Christmas spirit by attaching bite-sized bulbs to their luxuriously-long facial hair.


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HERO! #beardbaubles at the world darts championship.

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See what we mean?

Beard ornaments have actually been around for several seasons, but it seems as though 2018 is really going to be the Christmas in which they will shine. These unusually-festive accessories are now going viral–and, we think, for good reason, there definitely hasn’t been a brand spanking new wearable yuletide trend in some time now!

Now, after viewing that unusual display of Christmas spirit up above, we’re guessing that you have one, very important question on your mind: How in the heck do these beard ornaments stay put?!

According to the product description, the colorful baubles can adhere to most hair textures and lengths, and simply clip on using a teeny, tiny hair claw.

Mystery. Solved.

And, as you can see, they’re not lying when they say that these baubles work on all lengths and textures…


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This is Stella. She wears LIMITED EDITION BEARD BAUBLES™ 😍😎 #dogbaubles #beardbaubles

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This good boy is definitely in the Christmas spirit.

Ok, so it may be a silly product, but $8.99/pack is a small price to pay for next-level Christmas festiveness!

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this hilarious Christmas trend. Are you a fan of these beard ornaments? Have you ever worn them before? If so, are they worth the purchase?