Hack Your Way to a Great Beach Day with These Tricks

When it comes to planning a beach trip (especially with the kiddos!), things can end up getting stressful—FAST! You see, while the thought of catching some rays on a pleasant shoreline may sound relaxing, when you start considering your valuables, baking in the heat, and scarce food options, it’s easy to get a bit worked up.

That’s why we’re delivering some of our all-time favorite sun ‘n sand hacks to help you have the best summer yet. In today’s video, the lovely hostess, Rebecca, from the YouTube channel Clicknetwork shares with us some truly unexpected ways to stay cool, even on the most crowded of coastlines. Here are a few of our favorite highlights…

  1. Re-situate those flip flops

    Turning your flip flops upside down, (so that the tops are facing the sand and being propped up by the toe separators) is a smart way to ensure that you won’t be sliding your feet into scorching hot sandals. Smart!

  2. Hide your valuables

    Because thieves have been known to hang out on beaches, you must get crafty when it comes to hiding your belongings!

    To stand up against these bad guys, our hostess recommends sliding your credit cards and cash into the wrapper of a pad, of all things. It may seem a bit strange, (especially for you dudes out there!), but we think she’s got a good point. Who would steal a pad, anyways?

    If you want to find a safe place for your phone or keys, throw them in a Tupperware container and bury it in a hole below your towel. Genius!

  3. Make DIY sweat-resistant ice packs

    Love going to the beach, but hate dealing with a sopping-wet bag due to ‘sweaty’ ice packs? If so, this is the hack for you!

    Simply saturate a couple of sponges in water, squeeze out the excess, and stick them in your freezer overnight—it’s a simple as that! As far as the sponges go, we recommend selecting the cheaper variety that come without a scouring pad. That way, your sponges will be able to absorb even more water, thus keeping your food and drinks ice cold.

  4. Get crafty with your sarong

    You wouldn’t believe it, but your run-of-the-mill, cover-up can actually be worn in dozens of different fashions. Twist the ends and create a knot to make an elegant halter, or do a simple tuck and tie for an easy-breezy tube dress. If you find some pretty shells and need an extra bag, you can also tie knots on all four sides of the sarong to make your own, make-shift purse.

See, going to the beach doesn’t have to be a laborious process! Get even more ideas and learn how to complete each one of these hacks for yourself by watching Clicknetwork’s video below. We can’t wait to try these out on our next trip.

Now that you know how to keep your beach time stress-free, we want to hear from you! What do you think of these beach hacks? Have you ever tried any of these yourselves? How do you keep your valuables hidden when you visit the beach?