Just in case you missed it, last week a working dad made internet headlines around the world. In a short but hilarious clip, Robert Kelly was giving a serious interview live on BBC News. Well, it started out that way.

Speaking on the state of affairs surrounding the impeachment of South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye, the political science professor at Pusan National University was suddenly caught off guard. His office door swung open and in came his 4-year-old daughter, Marion. Dancing into the room like she heard music, she walked up to her mortified dad like, “Yeee-yah! Party over here!”

It just got better from there. Next came the gliding baby boy, James, who heard about the party too and didn’t want to be left out of the video shoot. Finally, with lightning socks and superhero agility, mom Jung-a Kim slid in to save the day. In just 40 seconds, the looks on Robert’s face went from business to UH-OH to this-is-gonna-go-over-like-a-fart-in-church.

Of course, the video went viral and the citizens of Webland deemed Robert #BBC Dad and his adorable children, #BBC Kids. Watch the first video here to see everything play out and BBC Dad’s reaction. It’s gold.

Since they didn’t get to finish the first interview without being interrupted, the good folks at BBC brought Robert back again. Posted online yesterday, this time they invited his whole family on camera, who were all settled in Robert’s work space. They offered a humorous explanation.

Jung-a Kim and the kids were in the living room watching Robert’s broadcast on TV. Since she was busy recording the interview, she didn’t notice the kids slip out. By the time she did, she admitted she flew into a state of panic. She didn’t realize they were down the hall crashing the interview until she saw them on TV.

We also learn that it was Marion’s birthday that day, and she had been partying at school. Logically, she did what anybody filled with the b-day spirit would do and continued to turn up at home – all the way into daddy’s home office. But Robert admitted it was he who forgot to lock his door right before the interview, which is what he typically does for TV appearances.

The overwhelming amount of attention brought a bit of chaos to their lives, and the family was worried that Robert blew his professional relationship with BBC. When they got a chance to watch the video themselves, Robert and Jung-a Kim laughed at the whole ordeal and so did the rest of their family. They encourage everyone to enjoy!

Parents, you know how things like this happen in the blink of an eye. And you know that kids don’t always operate by your time or rules. Watch the BBC’s interview below with Robert and his family to hear about what was going through their minds at that moment. You’ll also get to hear about some of the weird questions and comments folks had about the vid, including whether Robert was wearing pants!

What do you think of this family’s funny foray into the spotlight? Can you relate to Robert and Jung-a Kim? Share with us in the comments!