Have you been kicking around the idea of remodeling your small bathroom but don’t know where to start? Whether your bathroom is an eyesore or you just want something fresh, a bathroom transformation can make even the smallest of spaces instantly chic. Check out these 20 beautiful small bathrooms to get some inspiration for your own.


1. Geometric Wallpaper

Adding some angles to your walls can really give it a bold new look.


Striped Wallpaper BathroomDecoholic

2. Glass Shower Door

This one upgrade alone instantly gives your bathroom a whole new look and is reasonably inexpensive to pull off!

Glass Door BathroomDecoholic

3. Tiled Bathroom

Not all tile was created equal. This small, black and white tile is completely chic and begs for pops of color in your bathroom accessories.

Tiled BathroomDecoholic

4. Vintage Bathroom

For a cool, vintage feel, try some wide black tile, a retro frame around the mirror and some 1950’s-area advertisements on the walls.

Vintage BathroomDecoholic

5. Feminine Bathroom

This romantic powder room is perfect for the lady who loves all things pink.


6. Peaceful Bathroom

Even your bathroom could use a little feng shui. Mahogany accents and bamboo plants really add to this atmosphere.

Peaceful BathroomDecoholic

7. Accent Pieces

Who knew a cabinet could do so much? Use bright, funky accent pieces to totally transform your bathroom.

Cabinet BathroomDecoholic

8. Mirror, Mirror

No room for a big accent piece? That is a-okay! Try some stylish mirrors for a bold, modern feel.

Mirror Bathroom EditedChristina's Adventures

9. If It Ain’t Baroque…

Search your nearest antique store for a big, Baroque frame for your plain bathroom mirror. Paint it any color and hang for the cheapest and fastest bathroom renovation ever seen.

Baroque Frame EditedDecoholic

10. Going For the Gold 

Gold walls and accents throughout act as the perfectly chic yet neutral hue.

gold-small-bathroom EditedDecoholic

11. Fun Bathroom

Maybe the problem with your small bathroom is that it’s just plain boring. If you’re nodding yes, then add a little pizzazz! Plants, flags and beanbag chairs are a few examples seen here.

Fun Bathroom EditedDecoholic

12. Fancy Bathroom

For an elegant, fanciful bathroom experience, rely on neutral colors and glamorous accent pieces, like this chandelier.

Fancy Bathroom EditedSmall and Chic Home

13. Color Me Happy

When all else fails, go for color! Bright, bold walls are a breath of fresh air for any space.

Color BathroomBest Inspired

14. Minimalist Bathroom

More low-key? Smooth tile walls and simple accessories are the way for you.

Minimalist BathroomBest Inspired

15. Picture This

For a funkier bathroom, get to work on compiling the best and most random images you can. Frame them and proudly hang them, scattered, on your bathroom walls.

Bold BathroomSimply Modern Home

16. Elegant Bathroom

If elegance is your middle name, this marble counter and metallic wall designs will make all your dreams come true.

Elegant BathroomNew England Home

17. All White Bathroom

White will never go out of style. For fool-proof chicness, go all white on your bathroom.

White BathroomLife As Mama

18. Rustic Bathroom

Whether you’re in the city or the country, you can live rustically with these bathroom tweaks.

Rustic BathroomCity Farm House

19. Artistic Bathroom

For an elegant, artsy feel, don’t be afraid to add some art to the walls and some pottery to the shelves!

Bathroom Makeovers EditedDecoholic

20. Modern Bathroom

If your taste is modern all the way, a sleek toilet and shower combination will make a bold statement.

Modern Bathroom EditedBest Inspired

If it’s time to give your bathroom a new lease on life, try any of these trendy bathroom ideas in your own home! What did you think of these beautiful bathrooms? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.