When you clean your bathroom, you probably hit the biggies: the tub/shower, the sink, and the toilet. While it IS important to keep all of these things clean (if you don’t, you will start to see some nastiness in the bathroom…) there are other parts of your bathroom that need to be cleaned as well. Even when you can’t necessarily see that they need to be cleaned. To avoid germs and bacteria thriving without your knowledge, check out the video below to learn about 5 things in your bathroom that you didn’t know you needed to clean. Then get cleaning.

Your Toothbrush: Unsurprisingly, your toothbrush is a breeding ground for germs. Between all the saliva, blood, and other unpleasant things that can be found in the human mouth, it’s important to give your toothbrush a good clean after every time you use it.

This is less stressful than you may be imagining. With clean fingers, simply rinse the head of your toothbrush and bristles. If it’s already crusty and gross, soak your toothbrush in vinegar for a half hour to get it germ-free.

Toothbrush Holder: These are usually dishwasher safe. If not, simply rinse the holder out well with hot water and scrap the gunk from the bottom for a quick clean.

Loofah: Again, not a surprise. You use your loofah for weeks on end and it sees some…interesting thing. You would probably replace your loofah before you’d consider cleaning it, but if you do want to give it a clean instead of buying a new one, the procedure is very simple. Submerge your loofah in a bowl of half hot water and half white vinegar for an hour, then hang it to drip dry!

Razor: It’s important to keep your razor clean and dry! Wet razors can become rusty – and a rusty nick on your face or leg is NOT something you want. The bacteria on gross razors can also cause ingrown hairs and a duller shave. To keep your blades in good shape, spray some rubbing alcohol on a cotton blade, use it, and then towel dry when done. Consider storing it in a dryer place, as well.

Toilet Brush: This poor brush, it does not have a fun job. But it does the undesirable job well! To clean the cleaning product (whoa), spray it generously with the disinfectant of your choice and let it drip dry for at least ten minutes. Then wash the brush with the hottest water possible to get all the disinfectant and germs out of the bristles.

Toilet Brush Holder: Spray the holder out with disinfectant spray and then rinse with hot water. Wipe it out with a regular paper towel.

Plunger: An equally gross job. Yuck. To make sure your plunger is free of bacteria, spray it with disinfectant after each use and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse down with hot water and let it air dry. Consider storing your plunger on a neatly folded plastic bag to prevent any dripping messes.