If you’re anything like us, it’s almost impossible to walk past Bath & Body Works without pausing to try out the latest scents. We rub lotion of one scent on our right hand and another scent on our left hand, comparing options. We spray a fragrance mist on one wrist, and yes, a different fragrance mist on the other wrist.

While food samples in the mall’s food court are always welcome, being able to sample scents, lotions, fragrance mists, etc is truly something to look forward to.

There’s something about these delightful scents that makes getting ready in the morning so much better. From an invigorating shower gel to a luxuriously scented lotion for our dry, winter skin, the fragrance makes such a big difference.

Yes, we love trying out the new scents that change with the seasons, but sometimes there’s that one scent that becomes our go-to. If it’s a seasonal scent, that means we better stock up because we know it won’t last forever.

What really makes us sad is when one of our favorite scents, seasonal or otherwise, becomes discontinued.

That’s a sad word, “discontinued.” It doesn’t make it any better rephrasing it as “retired” either. We don’t want our favorite scents to enjoy retirement. We want them back in our bathrooms.

If you can relate to any of this, you’re going to love one of our favorite happy words. “Sale.”

We’re not talking just any sale. We’re talking about a Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale that includes previously retired scents. That’s right, some of our favorite scents are once again available for purchase…but not for long.


While not every retired scent is making a comeback (because, let’s face it, there are just too many), now through January 21st, you can snag scents like Coconut Lime Breeze, Juniper Breeze, Plumeria, Cucumber Melon, Wild Honeysuckle, Cashmere Glow, Dark Kiss, and Mad About You.

The best part? They’re available at a steal! This is a “sale,” after all. It’ll only cost you $3.95 for each lotion, cream, shower gel and fragrance mist. Um, hello, sounds like time to stock up to us!

Excuse us while we run to our closest Bath & Body Works. We may just pass up trying any new scents this time. Coconut Lime Breeze and Plumeria belong in our bathroom stat.

What’s your favorite Bath & Body Works scent? Are you going to take advantage of this great sale?