Vacations are meant to be spectacularly special, but, all too often we don’t pay enough attention to the accommodations. Sure, some of you might be of the mindset that hotel rooms or even Airbnbs are meant to be simply slept in and not enjoyed–and we agree to some extent–but, we think that some are unique enough to spend plenty of time inside.

Take the bubble-inspired hotel room above; it’s available for rent at Basecamp Terlingua, a one-of-a-kind hotel that offers up some of the most amazing glamping-style experiences we’ve seen. The company’s Ghost Town, which is featured near Texas’ Iconic Big Bend National Park, boasts an array of unique rooms, including tipis, refurbished villas, and, of course, the Basecamp Bubbles.

Although Basecamp Terlingua was established back in 2017, it recently introduced its Basecamp Bubbles last month. As you can see, the illuminated Bubbles offer a gorgeous nighttime display from the outside, but from the inside, lucky guests can gaze at the stars with completely unobstructed desert views, all in the comfort of a queen-sized bed.

Along with the 360-degree visibility, these one-of-a-kind, inflatable rooms also include some pretty cushy amenities, like air conditioning (a must-have in the Texas desert!), a shower, WiFi, a coffee/tea station, an outdoor firepit, and an electric heater.

Here’s what one of these Basecamp Bubbles looks like from the outside, during the daytime:

As you can see, the Basecamp Bubble includes all of the luxurious trappings of a traditional hotel room, but it gives visitors the unique feel that they are really staying out in the elements. Quite a gift, considering the surrounding Chisos Mountains feature harsh weather and, of course, rattlesnakes. This is definitely an area where glamping is preferred!

If the Basecamp Bubbles aren’t really your style, you can always stay in one of Basecamp Terlingua’s other rooms, like their illuminated tipis. They may not give you the view that the Basecamp Bubbles do, but they are just as beautiful–and Instagrammable!

You can book your very own Basecamp Bubble starting at $189. Not bad for such a unique vacation experience!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these incredibly innovative desert hotel rooms. Are you a fan of the Basecamp Bubbles? Have you ever stayed in something similar before? Do you have a unique hotel room experience of your own that you would like to share?