Any retired little leaguers here? If so, we bet you have plenty of great memories from the time; there was nothing quite like hitting the ball off that tee and running as fast as you could from base-to-base as your cheering squad–aka parents–yelled support your way. Yep, those sure were the days!

To commemorate that special era, we’ve found a video that really captures how action-packed and silly that time in little league can be.

Today’s clip stars 3-year-old Lennox Salcedo, a California tot who, you will soon see, doesn’t take this whole “baseball thing” all that seriously. In fact, the preschooler does his best to break the tension on the diamond–even when he’s in the middle of a super important play.

It all starts with Lennox’s third base coach giving him instructions to “run as fast as (he) can” to home base. The umpire had called a base on balls, which means that the little guy had the opportunity to make it to home without having to wait for another batter.

If you’re a baseball fan, then you know that, in this situation, players don’t necessarily “run as fast they can,” like this team’s coach requested, but they do generally opt for a slow jog.

Well, little Lennox has obviously been paying attention to the rules of the game because, instead of yielding the request of his coach (and dad, by the way!), he opted to enjoy his journey from third base to home base by going really, REALLY slow. And, really, REALLY committing to his decision!

Twitter user Tabby Rodriguez posted the clip of his cousin, and it immediately went viral. In fact, since first posting it less than two weeks ago, the video has racked in an astonishing 8.5 million views on Twitter alone. Crazy, right?!

In an interview with TODAY, Rodriguez confirmed every viewer’s suspicions, that his little cousin hadn’t misunderstood the coach’s request, but was, in fact, in on the joke. “He was definitely trying to put on a show for everyone,” Rodriguez said.

Even little Lennox’s mother agrees that he has a real knack for making people laugh.

“He is definitely a character,” Sabrina Salcedo says. “The third base coach asked him to run fast to home plate, and Lennox gave him a thumbs up. And this is what he did.”

This kid has a pretty advanced sense of humor for a three-year-old!

Now that you know the scoop behind this hilarious viral video, it’s time that you watch the slowest–and funniest!–run you’ve ever seen. To watch this smart aleck 3-year-old relish in his run to home base, be sure to watch the video below. We don’t know if that kid will be a future MLBer, but he sure will be a comedian when he grows up!

Source: TODAY

We can’t wait to hear your take on this viral video. Are you a fan of little Lennox’s unforgettable run? Do you have a little leaguer in your life who pulls similar pranks? What’s your favorite viral little league moment?