You’ve probably seen back dimples before, and you probably know who Venus is too – the Roman goddess of love and beauty. But when you hear the phrase “Dimples of Venus”, what do you think? Do you picture her hanging out with one of her beaus, smiling coyly? Maybe you smile as you envision all the people she may have gifted with dimples in their cheeks. If you do, you’ll need to adjust your image. The Dimples of Venus are actually the two little indentations on your back, located just above your other, ahem, cheeks. Picture that now!

Goddess Venus in Botticelli painting.Smarhistory.

In the medical community they are also referred to as sacral dimples, owing to their anatomical position where the sacroiliac joint is located. The two depressions lie on each side of the spine and connect the pelvis’s iliac bone to the spine’s sacrum. There are no known health risks associated with back dimples, though that part of the back is prone to exertion. People who have lower back pain often experience it here where the lumbar spine and hips meet. Not everyone has these though, so perhaps we’re on to something about them being a gift. Found among males (called Apollo holes on men) and females of all ages and backgrounds, these dimples are typically genetic.

Since there is no muscle where the dimples form, exercise won’t give them shape, but it can help you become lean in the area where they appear. Workouts that focus on the back and spine are good, as are yoga positions that make the spinal column toned and supple. Losing fat in the lower back region can also make them more pronounced, but they can also be visible in some heavier folks whose bone structures allow for their appearance.

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Having Venus dimples is considered special for quite a few reasons. Possessing them are said to bring blessings and good luck. The most interesting tidbit however, is that these tiny dents are known to be an erogenous zone for the frisky! If that isn’t a direct link to Venus herself, what is? The presence of back dimples is said to be the reason for heightened pleasure during intimacy. This is due to their connection to healthy circulation in the pelvic region. Lovers like to press them and affectionately call them “thumb handles”, signifying how they hold their mates.

In terms of beauty, you may observe that some people have their dimples pierced to add a touch of whimsy. This has become a trendy practice among women so they can accentuate their looks with low rise jeans, short tops, or bikinis. Corset makers use back dimples as a measuring marker around the hips for proper fitting. Although women and men both can have them, Venus Dimples seem to be an attractive trait in women. If you’ve never paid attention to them on yourself or anyone else, perhaps the Venus has inspired you to check them out. You can even find them on Facebook! Do you have Venus dimples? Have you always wondered where they came from? Tell us in the comments!

Person with back dimple piercings.Body Piercing Mag