Bringing a baby to the playground can be an eye-opening experience—you can really learn a lot about your child’s likes and dislikes when you help them down a slide or place them in a sand pit for the very first time.

Nevertheless, the true test for little ones at the “baby playground” is always the swing. If the infant immediately takes to the motion, then he or she may just be begging you to let them skydive in a few years!

On the other side of the coin are the kids who are not exactly into the heights or sway factor that comes with being on a swing—and the star of today’s viral video is no different!

This baby’s face goes from all smiles to complete terror the second his daddy starts pushing him. And we’re not exaggerating—judging by his expression, you would think he was bungee jumping.

Yep, it’s definitely safe to say that this pudgy bundle of joy is a “chill seeker”, not a thrill seeker!

How to raise a “chill-seeking” kid

If you have kids of your own who fall into this category, then we bet you are already well aware of the fact that it’s tough to convert them over to the other side.

And if you don’t have little ones, just pay close attention to the families the next time you go to a theme park—you will always find a crying kid in line for a big roller coaster, with a parent egging them on. Though we are not into watching moms and dads bully their kids onto the big rides, we do understand their motivation; they want to toughen them up!

But as it turns out, forcing a child onto a ride or a slide – or a swing, for that matter – when they are not ready, pretty much creates the opposite of the intended effect. Believe it or not, LEGOLAND actually enlisted the help of an expert to create a “Roller Coaster Readiness” guide to aide parents in deciding if their sons or daughters are prepared for the thrills.

Dr. Susan Bartell, the psychologist who wrote the theme park’s handbook on this subject, has some pretty good advice for those who are trying to push their kids into experiences that may be too scary for them.

She writes:

Dismissing a child’s fear, comparing them to a sibling or friend, bribing them with gifts and money, or labeling a child with a negative name based on their own reluctance won’t make them any braver. In fact, those strategies often cause greater anxiety, and resentment and make them more reluctant…

Now, we know that roller coasters and playground equipment are not necessarily the same thing, but I think we can all agree that swings are definite “gateways” to the big amusement park rides.

With that said, this daddy seems like he really loves his little man, so we doubt he will be forcing the infant on Space Mountain anytime soon!

To see this adorable baby experience g-forces for the first time, be sure to click on the video below. No need to worry about this one, Dad; you’re definitely raising a “chill seeker”!

What do you think of this infant’s first time on a swing? Are you a “thrill seeker” or a “chill seeker”? Have you encouraged your kids to go on roller coasters? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!