She Wants Her Baby to Talk, but Then the Dog Does!

Let’s be honest, every parents wants their baby’s first word to be something specific. That’s probably why they repeat the word to them over and over, right? To try and help them speak out the sounds of that word. In the case of moms and dads, they usually want that word to be mama or dada. And if repeating the sound isn’t getting through to them? The next best thing is to promise your baby some kind of treat while you repeat the word in question.

Well, that’s exactly what this mom was trying to do.

Hovering a bite of food in front of her little boy’s face, she started to say “mama, mama” over and over. You can even hear a man in the background also encouraging the baby to say the word! But the baby either can’t or doesn’t want to comply.

Someone, however, is willing to do whatever it takes to get that bite of food: the family dog! Patch, a gorgeous Australian Shepard, is standing next to the baby, staring at that bite of food even more intensely than the kid is. And after mom says “mama” a few times, Patch does something incredible.

Frustrated baby pushes dog.Sam Giovanini
At first, we only hear a whining noise, which we assume is Patch begging for a treat. But each time after the woman behind the camera says “mama” the whining becomes easier to make out. After a few moments, we realize that the sound coming from Patch isn’t just whining…it’s words! He’s actually repeating back the sounds he’s hearing.

The first time, we’re not sure if it’s actually coming from Patch or not. But if you watch closely, you can see the sound coming from the dog’s mouth! He says “mama” in a muffled, strange-sounding tone, and the family is cracking up over this shocking turn of events!

But there’s one person who doesn’t find Patch’s success very funny, the little boy who was trying to say “mama” in the first place. After the dog says the right word a few times over, the little boy looks at the dog funny and pushes his head as if to say, “Stop, you’re making me look bad!”

This only makes his family members laugh that much harder.

Luckily, both the little boy and Patch were rewarded for their efforts! We’re sure this adorable kid will get there someday soon, but for now he might want to take a few lessons from the family pooch.

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