Her Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying on the Plane. Some People Would Be Annoyed, but This Lady Did Something Miraculous!

Parents everywhere will appreciate this act of kindness. When this young mother was flying alone with her baby to see her husband, an army firefighter, she had a pretty typical problem – she could not get her baby to settle down. No matter what she tried, the baby cried and cried, to her embarrassment and the other passengers’ annoyance. Until one stranger sitting next to her offered her help. What happens next is incredibly kind! Watch the video below to see the whole story.

I love how they reunited them for this interview! This mother must have been eternally grateful to this “baby whisper” in her time of need.

The “baby whisper” said she has so much experience from raising four kids, and she was kind enough to use that experience to calm a complete strangers’ child. Not only that, but the baby fell asleep in her arms and stayed there the entire flight!

Such a sweet story. It’s little things like this that give you faith in people!