If you’re in need of a mood lifter, then here’s a guy who will totally sew that up for you. He’s cute, he’s cheerful, and he’s got great hair.

Meet KP the Baby. Yeah, that’s his name, and don’t wear it out. Kaden Patrick, the tiny wonder from Boston with an affinity for being swaddled, is soaking up some internet love. When you watch the video below, you’ll be caught up in his baby bliss too.

What makes him so enchanting? When his swaddling comes undone, he throws his hands up like he just won the lottery . . . on his birthday . . . and he doesn’t have to split the jackpot. Every morning, of every day, KP swings his arms up when he’s unwrapped, and his parents have taken to recording it.

Kaden’s dad, Kent Siri, is doing a masterful job of adding the right effects. Set to perfectly-timed audio that includes music or movie clips, KP’s videos are hilarious and adorable. Taken around the time he was 3 or 4 months old, this video is a mashup of days that show him busting out of his cocoon each time.

T-Pain, Braveheart, and the fitting Y.M.C.A. are just a few inclusions on this soundtrack. At just 5-months old, Kaden has already won over adoring fans. He’s got millions of views on this video, with Facebook and Instagram followers to boot.

He’s not putting on an act either. KP has a Moro reflex, also called a startle reflex, which causes an involuntary reaction to stimuli. It’s totally normal in babies, and movement, noise, or the feeling of falling can cause a response. Flinging arms and legs are common.

Image of smiling baby, KP.KPtheBaby

In KP’s case, his Moro reflex is very strong, and his parents opted to keep him swaddled. For babies like him, it can disturb sleep and make for restless nights. Have you ever drifted off to sleep, and felt your body jerk while in between the waking world and sleep state? Or more commonly, had a dream where you were falling and suddenly jolted yourself awake? Then you can relate to a startle reflex disrupting your zzz’s.

While not all babies like the wrap, Kaden’s parents learned that he loves being swaddled and it’s helped his baby sleep routines. They also noticed that when they free him, he flexes his wings every time.

At first, they only shared videos with family, but thank goodness they’ve decided to share the fun with us too! It’s cuteness at a ridiculously high dose that you can’t escape, yet you can’t get enough of either.

Enjoy watching Kaden’s medley and feel free to do so on repeat. You should also feel free to smile over and over again. The idea of a baby waving his arms to Hip Hop Hooray and looking like Superman is enough for me. Thanks for giving us inspiration to start our mornings right, KP!

Did this video of KP brighten your day? Do you feel like waking up like this too? What comes to mind when you see KP’s arms stretch up? Share with us in the comments!