Don’t get jealous, but there is a special haven devoted to catering to the spa needs of a special group of people: babies. It’s true. Someone’s created a spa just for babies.

Baby Spa Perth in Australia is here to help babies unwind from the stressors of this world. Infants as young as two days old and up to six months get to relax during hydrotherapy or massage therapy sessions. The lucky little ones are kept afloat in warm water with the use of a patented flotation device called the Bubby.

Truly, it’s a sight to behold: a bunch of cute babes rounded up in a pool with giant floaties around their heads. They smile, they kick, and they interact. Mostly, they kick back and chill. Who wouldn’t want to be about that life? At Baby Spa Perth, an $85 session gets baby 10 to 30 minutes of relaxation time in the water and a soothing massage as a follow up. You really can’t beat that!

Image of babies getting massage.Baby Spa Perth via Instagram

The spa is co-owned by a pair of sisters, Kavita Kumar and Anita Yap, who were inspired to open the business as new moms. Both have experience working with water immersion for babies, having trained under Lauren Sevenus. Sevenus, a swimming expert for babies and children, is also founder of the world’s first Baby Spa, which is located in London. Other locations include Spain and South Africa.

Kavita and Anita bring massage therapy training to the venture, with Kavita also having a background in child development. Her first experience with Baby Spa was during her time in London when she and her husband took their then 4-day-old son, Nadal, for a session. They loved it and saw how much it benefited him.

Image of baby spa co-owners.Baby Spa Perth via Instagram

Mimicking the watery environment of the womb, it’s a calming experience for both babies and parents. In addition to serving as a gateway to swimming, the water therapy that babies receive is also meant to help with colic, sleep, digestion, reflux, and circulation. Hydrotherapy is also said to build up babies’ muscle and lung strength. With all those benefits, it’s easy to understand the allure.

While floating in the water, the baby’s arms and legs are left free to move around. Parents are present during the session to bond, play, and communicate with their child. After leaving the pool, each baby is treated to a massage, and parents are also taught techniques they can use at home. For new parents, spa time has been helpful with keeping baby relaxed and Zen instead of fussy.

An added bonus is that it gives parents an opportunity to connect with other moms and dads. It’s a supportive atmosphere where everyone is sharing the experience. Family members and friends can come and attend baby’s session too so they can also soak up the cuteness.

Pampering is something we can all use every now and then, even if our daily schedule consists of eating, sleeping, and pooping. Just look at how happy babies these babies look at their spa day! If you’re looking for a spa in the states, the owner of Float Baby in Texas was inspired by Baby Spa London. Go for it!

What are your thoughts on the baby spa and hydrotherapy? Would you try something like this with your baby? Share with us in the comments!