Mom Tells Baby Girl “I Love You.” The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Baby’s Comeback.

At 15 months, Gemma Kate may very well have a singing career ahead of her! When her mom sings “I love you”, Gemma copies her in the most adorable (and impressive) way.

Mom is laying on the couch with her adorable baby in her arms. Can we just say, little Gemma is just beautiful! With her rosy cheeks and big blue eyes staring at the camera, we’re immediately drawn in from the moment the camera turns on.

Right off the bat, mom turns to her baby and tells her that she loves her – but she doesn’t just say it, she sings it. Mom sings, “I love yoooouuu!” She flips up to a lovely little high note on “you,” drawing out the word so it’s every more sing-song. Then she looks at the camera and raises her eyebrows excitedly.

Seconds later, Gemma copies her mom note-for-note! She replicates the same little melody of “I love yoooouuu!” even making her voice higher to replicate the note mom sang.

They go back and forth for a while, singing their love back and forth, and Gemma tried every time to improve her words. By the last time she sings it, you can almost make out the words “I love you” clearly!

Even when mom tells her to “say bye,” to the audience of the internet, Gemma continues to sing the new phrase she’s learned. She obviously loves the sound and has a little bit of a songstress inside of her at a very early age.

If you need a little mid-day pick-me-up, you need to watch the video below — you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face! Do you think this little girl has a musical future ahead of her? We certainly do! Make sure to share this adorable video if you love Gemma’s song!