Makeup parties courtesy of Mom’s in-home cosmetic counter are normal for young kids. Especially unchaperoned makeup parties with nary an adult in sight. What could possibly go wrong?

Sometimes, it’s just too hard to resist the artistic allure of eyeliner, blush, and lipstick. The best art supplies ever, right? Most of the time though, little ones want to get made up like their moms or big sisters. Apparently, that was Lily’s inspiration when she decided go for it.

In this clip, the toddler took it upon herself to put on a full face – without permission. She accompanied her bold makeup bag takeover with a bold red lip and smoky eye. But Lily’s mom Caroline caught the cutie red-handed.

Naturally, mama’s initial reaction is laughter, causing Lily to grin sheepishly. When asked “Did you take Mommy’s makeup?”, she readily replies, “Yes.” You’ve got to appreciate her honesty. Better yet, when asked why, her answer was simple and to the point: “’Cause. . .I wanted it.” Totally owning her mischief, Lily starts hopping up and down in excitement.

But when Caroline tells her she’s mad at her for not asking, she doesn’t seem fazed. At all. In fact, it seems like she’s learned the art of calming an “angry” person by using comedy. Impressive. Lily’s mom can’t help but laugh when the adorable tot begins to dance around and smile at her. How can you stay mad at such a display?
Lily’s antics are working because she is the one directing Caroline’s interrogation off course. The dancing, the giggling, and the googly-eyed smiling is throwing Mom off. Mom, still trying to be serious, tells her daughter again: “I’m really mad at you.” Lily turns it around with an equally serious “I’m mad at you.”
Wait, what? Well played in the deflection department, Lily, well played. Listen as Lily articulately justifies her reason for being mad. As Caroline tells the makeup maven that she will need to wash it off in a bath, Lily doesn’t seem on board with that idea.
If you can’t tell by her facial expression how she feels about that, then take a hint from her body language. Just when you thought the backward-craning neck move was reserved for teens, this toddler proves that she knows how to show her disapproval of her mom being such a downer. Ugh, Mooom!
Keep watching the video to see how Caroline and her budding makeup artist resolve this case of unauthorized cosmetics tampering. The cuteness does not stop. Seriously, I don’t know how Caroline could contain her laughter long enough to squeeze any questions in.
It’s pretty remarkable that Lily knew exactly where to put the lipstick and where to put the mascara, even if she does resemble a comic book character. This would qualify as one of those parenting moments that are both funny and terrifying. And Lily is just getting warmed up.

What do you think of Lily’s fab makeover? Do you remember messing around with your mom’s makeup as a kid? What funny but scary parenting moments do you have to share?