[VIDEO] Dad Makes Baby Giggle. When The Baby Makes Sheep Noises, Dad Loses It

Long before we had children of our own, we had friends tell us that parenting is the hardest, best thing you’ll ever do. It’s hard to understand what that means until you’re a parent, but we’ve found it to be very true.

Let’s take babies, for instance. Babies need to be cared for 24/7, well, except for when they’re sleeping, but even then someone has to monitor them and make sure they’re safe in their crib. It’s not like they can ever be left alone. And, as paranoid parents, especially with a first child, we worry even when they’re asleep. We check to make sure they’re breathing. We sometimes even accidentally wake them up to make sure they’re okay.

The paranoia eases with each additional child; although, the stress that goes along with parenting doesn’t exactly work the same way. Apparently stress is the highest when you have three children, and it drops with four or more.

While parenting can be (is) stressful and a lot of work, it is certainly very rewarding. Once again, let’s use babies as an example. They’re cute. They’re cuddly. They do the most amazing things. Let’s be honest, if it’s our own baby, we think that everything he or she does is amazing. From the first smile to the first word, we’re convinced that our baby is a genius.

At least, many parents are. For one dad, instead of thinking his son is a genius, he thinks his son thinks he’s a sheep. He certainly sounds like one.

In the adorable video, a baby boy is sitting on the floor. Dad is talking to him. Baby makes sounds that, well, are supposed to be laughter, but it doesn’t sound like typical baby laughter. Side note: a baby’s giggles have to be the sweetest music in any parent’s ears. This baby’s giggles sound a little bit different than your average, though.

We’ll just go ahead and say it. The baby sounds like a sheep. Clear as day, this baby boy is opening his mouth to laugh, but what comes out sounds just like “Baaaaaa.”

Mom films the interaction between dad and baby. Dad tells his son, “You’re not a sheep. You’re a boy.” In response, the baby just makes more sheep sounds, a huge smile on his face. Both mom and dad can be heard laughing.

Watch this adorable video below.

Have you ever heard a baby laugh like this before?