Parental displays of affection are often met with a lot of, “ewws” from their onlooking kids. More often than not, kids find their parents canoodling in any way to be downright gross, especially when their parents decide to kiss. Little baby Ella hates when her parents kiss one another, too…but not for the same reason.

Ella, who can’t be more than a few months old, doesn’t understand that it’s “gross” when her parents kiss. Nope, instead she actually just wants all the kisses to herself! When her parents are kissing each other and not HER, Ella tends to get a little jealous.

Upon first glance, the video (brought to us by dad Matt Hanneken) seems like the perfect picture of familial love. Dad is on one side, mom is on the other, and baby Ella is being held by both of them right in the middle.

Happy baby Ella.Matt Hanneken
The whole family looks extremely, blissfully happy, including Ella! She seems to be a calm, sweet baby, and she’s looking at her parents very lovingly. Ella especially seems to love her dad, who she can’t take her eyes off of.

When dad leans in to kiss mom, you’re probably thinking that this just got that much cuter…but Ella would have to disagree with you.

At first, I didn’t understand why the parents were leaning in so slowly to kiss one another, but I very quickly understood; they wanted to make sure Ella saw what was going on, as well as let all of us see the slow realization dawning on her as their faces blocked hers.

You can see she looks confused and then horrified as her parents lean in, finally meeting in the middle to kiss. When they pull apart, revealing Ella’s face again, she is suddenly sad! Her lip is stuck out in a pout and she quickly dissolves into tears.

Baby is jealous of parents kissing.Matt Hanneken
Laughing sympathetically, her parents both give Ella a kiss on the cheek, which makes her instantly feel better! Seriously, her tantrum ends abruptly, her mood changing on dime. She’s suddenly laughing and smiling at her parents again.

Just to make sure this wasn’t a fluke, Ella’s parents try kissing again. This time, Ella is a little distracted by something off in the distance and mom and dad have to get her attention before planting a big kiss on one another.

Again, they pull apart to reveal a crying Ella!

Mom and dad console their baby again, but it takes some serious coddling before she’s looking all calm and smiley once more. Of course, though, they have to try one more time because this is too adorable to stop doing! This last time may be the funniest of all.

Each time as they’ve pulled out of their kiss, we’ve seen Ella’s face slowly drop. But this time, they completely hide the babies’ face and then pull away to reveal her completely in tears! It’s so sad, but also so cute!

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