Kentucky Radio Station Plays ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ on a Loop for 2 Hours Straight

One thing we look forward to every year during the holiday season is listening to Christmas music on the radio. There are modern day hits, classics that have stood the test of time, and many, many covers of those classics.

Whether you prefer “Frosty the Snowman” or “White Christmas,” many people have favorite carols. If you’re tuning on the radio this holiday season, you may notice one song missing from many playlists.

The 1944 holiday hit, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” has been removed from many radio stations’ holiday lineup this year. Why?

Some people think the lyrics point to date rape. What are the offending lyrics? “What’s in this drink?” “I simply must go.” “The answer is no.” All of those lyrics are usually sung by a woman.

Amy Turner, the director of sexual assault services at The Center for Women and Families, says, “We really need to think about the impact that songs have, not just ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside,’ but numerous songs that we decide to play on the radio.”

In response to this controversy, which is largly due to the #MeToo movement, one radio station in Kentucky fought back and showed its support of the song in the only way it knew how – by playing it for two hours straight.

No, we’re not talking about a DJ walking away from the booth and one song getting stuck on repeat. Radio station WAKY played 5 different versions of the song in a 2 hour window from 8am to 10am on Sunday morning.

The radio station announced that it was doing this song marathon ahead of time and encouraged listeners to tune in.

Joe Fredele, the director of programming for WAKY, doesn’t understand the controversy over the song. He says he supports the #MeToo movement but that “This song is not about that. All it is, is a dialogue between a man and a woman, and at the end of the song, you hear them harmonize together, so they’re agreeing basically.”

As far as playing the song for 2 hours straight, Fredele says, ‘It’s just a fun way of saying, ‘Hey this is our vote for that song. It’s a fun song. It’s a romantic song, don’t pick on it.’”

For more on this controversy, watch the video below.

Do you think “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” should be banned from radio stations? What’s your favorite holiday song?